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For the sake of variety, three badge variants are provided for each level: a medal, a book, and a ribbon (thanks to Wikipedia:Ribbons). To keep the validity and status of the major service awards, a ribbon is the only variant for incremental service awards. Editors may display the badge of their preference, a combination of badges, or none at all Media in category Badges. The following 200 files are in this category, out of 566 total. (previous page) ( next page) Cleveland and Hendricks Committee Ribbon, ca. 1884 (4359958732).jpg 531 × 1,536; 256 KB. For President- Woodrow Wilson Portrait Ribbon (4360001882).jpg 756 × 1,536; 337 KB. Harrison And Our Countrys Welfare Portrait. Badge is a song performed by British rock music group Cream. It was written by Eric Clapton and George Harrison, and was included as a track on Cream's final album, Goodbye.Also issued as a single in March 1969, Badge peaked at number 18 in the United Kingdom and number 60 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart Q: Which badge do I get? We go by the honor system and trust our donors will get the ones applicable to them. If you've donated once, you can download the bronze badge. If you've donated twice, you can download the bronze and the silver badges. Three donations mean you can download the bronze, silver, and gold badges

The Achievement Badges are an extension provided by Fandom. They are a way to encourage users to keep editing and rank up by earning points on the leaderboard. Certain wikis have chosen to add the badges, however, some do not for personal reasons. Excluding custom badges, there are currently 36 badges, though this number is raised to 49 when counting the unreleased and retired badges. Badges. Badges | Get a Snack Wiki | Fandom. Badges are virtual achievements that can be input into Roblox games. They always require some sort of task to be obtained. In GASA4, there are six obtainable badges. In GASA4 RP, there are four obtainable badges. In GASA3, there is one obtaineble badge that was added on June 20, 2021 In order to claim the wiki badge, there are several requirements. It is greatly recommended to read this page before creating content to get it. The first and most important requirement is that the created content should be on a new page. Content on the discussion forum, on blog posts as well as.. Badges are awards you receive when you do certain things in game, and may also give you weapon skins. This is a list of all badges and how to obtain them. 1 A rare variant 2 Cruel Act 3 15 (Human) 4 40 (Human) 5 65 (Human) 6 100 (Human) 7 15 (Gootraxian) 8 40 (Gootraxian) 9 65 (Gootraxian) 10.. A distinctive mark, token, sign, emblem or cognizance, worn on one's clothing, as an insignia of some rank, or of the membership of an organization. the badge of a society; the badge of a policeman 1843, William H. Prescott, The History of the Conquest of Mexico Tax-gatherers, [] recognized by their official badges.· A small nameplate, identifying.

https://anaconda.org/conda-forge/wikipedia_ql/badges/installer/conda.sv This page lists all of the obtainable badges in the specified game and how to earn them. 1 Make a Cake: Back for Seconds! 2 Unobtainable Badges 3 Trivia 4 Navigation The epic cake texture would originally be a VIP cake frosting before the idea was scrapped and later used for the Make a Cake: Back for Seconds! intro

Badges. basically badges from every game. the badges Holiday secret: you cannot get this anymore. Before the event was finished, you could get this badge by going to 5 stockings around the map and holding 'E' on them, and then going to the warehouse. In the warehouse there was a door that opened after doing these steps In Juke's Towers of Hell, you can earn Badges whenever you beat a Tower, unlock new Rings, do a specific task in an Event, or find a secret or Easter egg . Amount of Badges. Total: 302. There are a total of 302 badges in the game currently. Do note that the badge list is disorganized, so its not according to the list in the official game. Notes Badges in this game are mostly unique in their own way. One takes just simply dying, while some others need you to get a map-specific event while using an item. ouch oof: ''die'' Obtained by dying. obligatory ''it's the creator'' badge: ''wow you met me nice job i usually pop in to test something or i feel like it, so it's not that hard to see me (please help im trapped in iran)'' Obtained by. Badges are achievements given to players by advancing at a big rate. Most of the badges require beating bosses. 1 List of Badges 1.1 Espacio Mining Badges 1.2 Waiting Room Badges 1.3 Boss Brawl Badges 2 Trivia A Pocket Full Of Quarterite - Get a pocket full of quarters and help Dr. Cherry head..

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  1. The Quantum Science Energy Research Facility is one of the few games made by Quantum Science to have earn-able badges, The game currently has 16 badges you can earn as of 15/12/2020. Falling Hazard The Falling Hazard Badge is earned after ignoring the obvious Danger, Fall Hazard Signs placed literally everywhere where you can fall down and die
  2. Badges Badges are obtained for either beating maps, leveling up, beating events or other miscellaneous stuff. Badges you can no longer obtain may be listed here, but do not appear on the game page. Some Badges offer Rewards. 1 Level Badges 2 Event Badges 3 Map Badges 4 Achievement Badges 5 Fake Badges 6 Notes To get Level Badges you need to level up to a certain level, like Level 10 or Level.
  3. Badges. Badges are displayed on your profile Card . While others run from the storm, you seek it. Make your way out of the storm. The Spellstorm has secrets yet. The Spellstorm's power is yours
  4. 39. Blast to the Past (CHRISTMAS 2020) this badge was obtained by protecting the statue in the Mysterious Neighbourhood. you can't get it anymore lol. 65. Tasty Secret of the Present (CHRISTMAS 2020) this badge was obtained by completing ToCC in the christmas 2020 event. you can't get it anymore lol

Badges are obtained for either accumulating goals, leveling up, beating bosses and other miscellaneous stuff. Unobtainable badges may or may not be listed below here however, do not appear on the game page. Some Badges let the user go to areas. Most badges are awarded for simply defeating a boss, reaching a destination or successfully doing a task This page includes information about how to award badges and their descriptions . #1 Badge: Winner You can award this badge by completing your first job on any map and any difficulty . You need to guess the ghost correctly to award this badge . #2 Badge: 5+ Level You can award this badge by.. A Badge (Japanese: バッジ Badge) is an item which denotes a Pokémon Trainer as having defeated a Gym Leader.. Trainers need to collect a certain number of Gym Badges in order to qualify for a region's Pokémon League.Young Trainers usually begin their initial Pokémon journey by traveling from city to city in order to collect them. Badges are small enough to fit easily between one's thumb. Max out the Ruby badge to lower the price of all other badges. Then, you should max out the Emerald badge, so you will earn kakera when you claim a character and this way collect kakera faster. Finally, you may unlock the remaining badges (Gold, Silver and Bronze III and IV, and Sapphire from I to IV). IV Badge Messages Bronz Badges. This category is about badges from either BEAR (Alpha) or BEAR*, which is made by the person Cheedaman

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  1. g coupons, purchasing Gold packages, helping the community and winning competitions. If you get a badge it'll appear hidden in your profile waiting to be redeemed, after you redeem the badge, it'll show in your profile to everyone see it. 1 Levels Badges 2 Standard Badges 3 Special Badges 4 Friends Server Exclusive.
  2. Badges are made from things called templates, which hold the code of the badge. Templates are not the same as articles and must be used to make a badge. This tutorial will teach you how to create and use badges. Making Badges/Templates [] Step one: [] Click the Create page button. This should be in the upper right-hand corner of the wiki setup
  3. Wiki Expert is the eighth and final unique Badge of the eight Editing Badges on a wiki. It can be obtained by first editing 500 pages in the Main namespace. It can be re-obtained every 500 pages. It gives the editor 100 points. 1 Namespace 2 Images 3 MediaWiki pages 4 Gallery 5 Trivia This Badge..

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  1. The badge has also been the only animated badge, with it having a shine every few seconds. The King of the Hat HypeSquad Balance badge was awarded to all HypeSquad Balance members as part of Discord's King of the Hat HypeSquad Tournament that was announced on February 18th, 2019. This announcement also included news that King of the Hat, which.
  2. As of May 24, 2021, the most won badge in Roblox is Welcome on the game Epic Minigames with 188,974,000 players. tazgurl400 currently holds the most player badges on Roblox, with over 140,602 obtained player badges. An early cut Roblox badge is the Navigation badge. It predates the iconic Roblox badges by two days
  3. Badges are unlockable cosmetics that you can put on your banner for display in the arena and in the pre-match sequence. These badges can denote skill or completion of certain challenges. 1 Account Badges 1.1 Content Pack Badges 1.2 Event Badges 2 Legend Badges 2.1 Legend specific badges 3 Club Badges 4 Ranked Leagues Badges 5 Battle Pass Badges 5.1 Season 1 6 Game Mode Badges 6.1 Arenas 6.2.
  4. Gym Badges (ジムバッジ Jimu Bajji) are essential items collected throughout all the regions in the main series Pokémon games and the Pokémon Anime. Badges are usually obtained by defeating a Gym Leader in a Pokémon battle. After collecting 8 Gym Badges in a certain region, a trainer may compete in..

Badges are a type of achievement in Piggy. There currently are 22badges availableand all of them can be obtained by either escaping a map, doing the RB Battles event or finding the secret hideout. They were added on 3/18/20, or if a map was released after then, during the map's release. All the.. There is 3 badges currently in-game.To get The Beginning of Your End you need to join the game. Description: * Awarded to those who first joined and also naively took the first step into their doom. To get Karma Never Forgets. you need to find secret red button and press it.(you also can get afton mask and rusty axe, just press on mask and axe) Description: * The karma never forgets, and. Badges are trophies, accomplishments, objectives or overall special tasks that someone can do. There are sometimes rewards associated with the Badges. Some Badges are always going to be obtainable, but some are a certain time only, such as events. RBLXWare God! Obtainable Bomb Head 37,821.. Badges are a special addition to Overlook Bay which players could obtain by completing several different tasks, such as collecting a said amount of pets, or even meeting the game's creators.Badges can be used to record a user's accomplishments in a certain Roblox game, since they are directly added to a player's Roblox Inventory under the Badges section

badge [baj]: a special or distinctive mark, token, or device worn as a sign of allegiance, membership, authority, achievement, etc. (Source: Dictionary.com ) A badge is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest. From the Boy and Girl Scouts, to PADI diving instruction, to the more recently popular geo-location game. Badge Official description Rarity How-to The Hunt Begins Join Hunting season. 100.0% (Freebie) Speaks for itself, the player must join Hunting Season. Dumpster Fire Discover the junkyard. 78.4% (Cake Walk) The junkyard is located near the barnhouses and the stockpile, entering the ground will award the achievement to the player

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Badges are a way to keep track of what a player has done, and are achievements in game. The badges for Crazy Stairs are these. These badges are earned by simply getting to the top. (In no specific order.) Muggle is an optional badge, earned by reaching the top while using no spells. These badges.. En Open Badge är ett digitalt märke som man tilldelas exempelvis för att ha utfört en uppgift eller visat en förmåga. Inom utbildningsvärlden används Open Badges både som lekfulla belöningar och som alternativ eller komplement till intyg.Ägaren kan välja att visa upp badgen på nätet exempelvis på en blogg eller profilsida Currently, there are 6 obtainable badges in Imagine. 1 You played IMAGINE! 2 Dorothy's End 3 Stacy's End 4 i like refrigerators 5 Melons? 6 AIADH 7 Mary's End This is the easiest badge to earn. It is awarded upon joining the game. This badge is awarded upon completion of Dorothy's chapter. This badge is awarded upon completion of Stacy's chapter. This badge is awarded after opening the.

Badges are earnable achievements that players can obtain through doing various tasks set by each one in either Databrawl Roleplay, Databrawl's Battle Zone, or another game affiliated with Databrawl (in the case of the Crossover badges).All badges can be found under Databrawl's game description. Here is the list of all Databrawl Badges you can ge Badges of the United States Army are military decorations issued by the United States Department of the Army to soldiers who achieve a variety of qualifications and accomplishments while serving on active and reserve duty in the United States Army. As described in Army Regulations 670-1 Uniforms and Insignia, badges are categorized into marksmanship, combat and special skill, identification. There are currently 13 badges in Flicker. Most of them can either be obtained by winning a specific amount of times or winning as a specific role. The others require you to encounter a specific individual and interact with them

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Wiki Love Badges are badges found by editing the wiki for certain amount of consecutive days, in Fandom's server timezone, UTC. Obtaining all badges in this set will earn the editor 800 points. None of these badges are re-obtainable. There are a total of seven Wiki Love Badges. One is silver, five are gold, and one is platinum. This is the only badge category to not have a bronze badge. Wiki. There are Currently 7 Badges in the game, keep in mind you can not get these in VIP servers, these badges include. Meet uglyburger0. The myth, the legends. You met uglyburger0!. How to obtain: Be in the same server as uglyburger0. A Lost Survivor. Find the wounded survivor.. How to obtain: Find the wounded survivor and touch him Badges | The CrusheR Wiki | Fandom. The icon for the Badge menu in-game. All badges for The CrusheR are listed here. To get badges, you must complete certain challenges in the game, such as leveling up to a certain level or completing every map in the game. There are currently 19 badges in The CrusheR. However, only 18 are obtainable Badges are awarded for doing various tasks in SWG. These tasks can be as simple as visiting a location, or as challenging as fighting through one of the toughest dungeons in the game. Badges appear in a list on your character sheet. Below are the badges based on type. This is based on SharellT's badge guide, from 10/28/04, all credits for this information go to her. 1 Badges List by Type 1.1.

Badges are awards given to the player when they accomplish certain tasks. These typically include finding secrets or completing the checklist, killing a certain number of killers and other notable feats in every gamemode. The first person to achieve 50 rounds was GEPDhaha on 27th of December.. The Round 20 badge. The Round 30 badge. The Round 40 badge. The Round 50 badge. The When Something Is Gone badge. The See You In Hell badge. 1/11. Game badges are special awards that appear on the player's ROBLOX account for completing certain achievements. Project Lazarus features 11 game badges

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  1. Throughout the islands, there are several easter eggs and features that award you with a badge when found. See if you can find all by yourself! Click here to view all Badges . Find the Monkey. Find the UFO. Find the Pancakes. Find the Piano. Stuck Skier. The Desk of Knowledge
  2. A Badge which shapes like a ghost around a cyan frame. The Space Badge. The Space Badge. Planets that based on the squirrels' color scheme which is reused in The Bubble Badge with a white round frame with colorful stars. The Harvest Badge. The Harvest Badge. Crops of harvested vegetables with a red rectangle frame
  3. Badges are Achievements that can be obtained in different ways, its best to read this guide on a PC. SUBSCRIBER ROOM BADGE Thanks for subscribing; claim this badge within the subscriber room! Go into the Subscriber Room for the first time..
  4. Badges in Zombie Madness are marks of completion, or those rewarded for participating in/beating an event in the game. Certain badges may be placeholders, and currently cannot be obtained. These badges are permanent, and will consistently be obtainable throughout the game's updates. These badges..
  5. Badges are non-vectorized, 1600 Pixel insignias displayed on players' profiles as denotations of a certain accomplishment or purchase. Any unlocked badges are publicly displayed between one's basic mouse stats and one's game mode stats. History []. Badges were introduced on 28 March 2014 as a complement of the Carnaval de Rio 2014 event. Their primary purpose was to replace shop items as one.

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Badges are quests that can be completed and recorded onto your Roblox profile. They can be obtained by reaching certain goals or being in a certain situation. This page logs all badges currently available in Typical Colors 2. As of the Summer 2021 update, badges have been discontinued and.. List of Badges. Escape the facility in Easy Mode . Escape the facility in Medium Mode . Escape the facility in Hard Mode . Escape any facility with the assistance of the Gravity Coil. Visit the game. Thanks! Enter any game server. Upon first entry into the game, the badge is obtained Bloody Battle features a variety of Badges, most of which are time-limited. Unless noted otherwise, all badges are unobtainable in VIP servers. Warning: Farming kills for badges such as Killer and Punched Out is considered bannable by Nico. 1 Killer 2 Pumpkin Smasher 3 Gift Giver 4 Frosty.. Badges are obtained through completing certain achievements, some harder to obtain than others. (Note: these aren't all the badges in the game, we're adding more as we go along, so bear with us.) The Welcome! Badge is the easiest badge to obtain in Super Golf. Simply join a server for the first time. The Hole In One! badge can be obtained by scoring your first HIO (Hole-In-One). The easiest. Medals, badges, pins, or crests are particular cosmetic items that equip in the medal equip region.The Gentle Manne's Service Medal was the first item of this type introduced. Several of these items are acquired through promotions, but many others are awarded for participation or victory in events or competitions.. These medal region cosmetic items are different from the Team Fortress 2 Badges.

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Badges are trophies, accomplishments, objectives or overall special tasks that someone can do. Rewards consist of event items, regular items, or just bragging rights. Some Badges are always going to be obtainable, but some are event only. Once the event ends, that certain badge will be discontinued and will be impossible to earn unless PlaceRebuilder places the map to be next in line after the. There was a new badge added to Toytale in the map Christmas town. Steps To Get This Egg: go to the old Toytale house and go into the basement. 2. You should see a statue that gives you a quest for the toy key. All you got to do is stay with him for 1 minute. Next when you have the key you should.. The Badge Market is a store in the Bazaar where Warriors may be strengthened by Badges in Hyrule Warriors.1 To create a Badge within the Badge Market, a Warrior must have both the appropriate Materials and a sufficient amount of Rupees.2 There are three types of Badges: Attack Badges, which specialize in building attack combinations, diminishing an enemy's health and defense through secondary. A Merit badge is an award earned by youth members of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), based on things within an area of study by finishing a list of updated .The purpose of the merit badge program is to allow Scouts to find subjects to figure out if they would like to further pursue them as a career or .At first, the program also exposed Scouts to the life skills of contacting an Merit Badge.

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Corps badges. Maj. Gen. Daniel Butterfield, Hooker's chief of staff, was assigned the task of designing a distinctive shape for each corps badge.Butterfield also decided that each division in the corps should have a variation of the corps badge in a different color. Division badges were colored as follows: Red — First division of corps; White — Second division of corp This feature adds achievements and a badge earning system to the wiki. MediaWiki pages for badges can be found on the relevant badge page and a list for generic information can be found here. Unavailable. The following Wiki Extensions have been removed from Fandom and are no longer available. Category Exhibitio Welcome to the Badge Wiki! Here you will find extensive information on Wikia's achievement Badges and how to earn them! Our community has worked to provide helpful tips for editing, translated the wiki into the top 13 languages used on Wikia, and created all the pages necessary to talk to other editors easily. In addition, we have teamed up with other wikis to form the Meta Wiki Project, a.

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  1. Wiki Hero! is the seventh and final Badge of the seven Wiki Love Badges on a wiki. It can be obtained by editing any page in any namespace for 365 consecutive days or 1 year, in Fandom's server timezone, UTC. This badge cannot be re-obtained by editing another 365 consecutive days. It is the only platinum badge and gives the editor 250 points. 1 Images 2 MediaWiki pages 3 Gallery 4 Trivia.
  2. 17 Deeply Fascinating Wikipedia Pages That Will Keep You Scrolling For Hours. Bet you didn't know Wikipedia has virtual cookbooks dedicated to the cuisine of individual countries
  3. The unofficial wiki for the games Arsenal and MURDER, both developed by the ROLVe Community. A shame that this wasn't released on a friday
  4. Badges of the United States Air Force are military awards authorized by the United States Air Force that signify aeronautical ratings, special skills, career field qualifications, and serve as identification devices for personnel occupying certain assignments. The newest badge to be authorized for wear is the Cyberspace Operator Badge, first awarded to qualified officers on April 30, 2010 at.
  5. Badges are achievements obtained by completing a set of individual requirements. Badges are primarily obtained through easter eggs, completing heists and reaching milestones. No Going BackComplete your first heist ArtistComplete the Art Gallery mission Combat TestedComplete the Authority mission DiscountComplete the Black Friday heist Mercy!Complete the Blood Money mission The Big OneComplete.
  6. The Roblox Wiki is a collaborative wiki and social forum about Roblox that anyone can contribute to. We are the largest growing resource for info on your favorite Roblox games, developers, catalog items, and more
  7. The Parachutist Badge, also commonly referred to as Jump Wings is a military badge of the United States Armed Forces awarded to members of the United States Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy.The United States Coast Guard is the only branch that does not issue its own Parachutist Badge, but its members are authorized to receive the Parachutist Badges of other services in accordance with.

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Reminder: This page is very unfinished and only has a fifth of the badges in KoGaMa. Badges are small icons that appear on your profile to showoff something you have achieved. They can be obtained by entering codes, getting plays, winning competitions, gaining levels and other things. (Level badges are in a different category than normal badges.) 1 Free Badges 1.1 Coupon code: Banana 1.2. Badges. Badges are small images that display on user profiles and profile popups that distinguish a user as a member of specific groups. Some badges can be earned by purchasing Nitro or boosting a server, while others are exclusive or no longer obtainable. On a profile, badges appear in a hierarchical order, and multiple badges stack Fedora Open Badges. With Fedora Badges, contributors to the Fedora project earn virtual badges for their work! The system automatically awards most badges based on Fedmsgs collected by Datanommer. After years of work, and many contributions from developers and artists, we have almost 400 badges implemented on Fedora Badges Badges are a part of your taming.io profile. They are displayed to the left of your name during games and influence how many golden apples you get from a daily reward. Dragon - 20,000,000 Ranking Score, 120 golden apples daily, starts with three adult pet, 120 apple, 240 wood & stone, and 450.. Exploration Badge Marker. Exploration Badges are earned by visiting certain important locations throughout Praetoria. Finding an exploration badge (with only a few exceptions) for the first time awards a small amount of experience to characters who are at least Level 2. Badges listed on this page are just those that are earnable by any.

Here is a list of all the badges and how to get them: Get first place. Get first place. Get 2nd place. Get 2nd place. Get 3rd place. Get 3rd place. Pain. Die first in-game Military badges of the United States are awards authorized by the United States armed forces that signify rating, qualification, or accomplishment in several career fields, and also serve as identification devices for personnel occupying certain assignments. Personal recognition is granted to service members by a number of awards and decorations. Together with military decorations, such badges.

Badge of Justice, frequently also called Heroic tokens is a reward which drops from all boss kills in heroic mode or raid instances. When a boss drops badges, all raid members can loot them. In heroics, normal bosses drop one badge and the end boss two. In raid instances, all bosses usually drop two, in some cases the first boss of the instance may drop only one and the end boss three Stone Heart Badge (9.60% chance) Lemon Badge (9.60% chance) Nuke Badge (9.60% chance) Peekaboo Badge (9.60% chance) Revenge Badge (9.60% chance) Speedy Badge (9.60% chance) Badgesquatches can not drop any of the following badges below, because they are obtained from redeeming a Roblox toy, developers, dropped by certain enemies, etc Badges are a mechanic in Roblox, which acts as an achievement system. In Break In, they are utilized more, and a certain amount of badges are required to unlock The Hyper and The Guest, respectively 5 and 10. There are currently 18 obtainable Badges. Difficulty: Very Easy - Easy - Normal - Hard.. Badges! Complete a challenge and earn yourself a badge! Some have rewards! Badges are special awards for completing specific challenges in the game. A notification will appear on the screen when a badge is awarded. Some of these are given for easy things, like playing the game, while others are.. Badges can be renamed to reflect the topic of your wiki. This is done in the space provided next to the badge. Badges are in one of four classes, each with a specific point count. Bronze badges are worth 10 points, silver badges are worth 50 points and gold badges are worth 100 points. When you get one of these badges, you get the corresponding.

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This badge is also one of the badges required in order to earn the Dataverse Grandmaster badge. This badge unlocks Mini Polymorphic as a playable character in Databrawl Roleplay once obtained. Additionally, originally this badge did not give out any prizes, but once badge-earned characters were added to Databrawl Roleplay, this changed Badges are a special reward for the player if they achieved a certain ending or find all of the same items in a game. This page contains spoilers, view at own risk. 1 Airplane Saga 1.1 Airplane 1.2 Airplane 2 1.3 Airplane 3 1.4 Airplane 4: One Last Flight 2 Spin-Offs (Airplane Universe) 2.1..

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Badges are achievements in The Normal Elevator that are awarded to players for performing certain actions. There are a total of 8 current badges and 1 removed badge in the game 4.3% (132789) Stacked. You found two advantages in the same game - you're on a roll! Find 2 hidden advantages. 1.4% (42004) Double Damage. You used two advantages during one elimination. That gives you a lot of power - hopefully you used it well. Use 2 advantages in one elimination and Escaped The Backrooms are the only non-holiday badges to be removed and be readded and revamped. Only 200 People have gotten the Look Ma, It`s me! Badge while only 25 People have gotten the #1 Monthly User Badge. Only 1501 People beat the Christmas 2020 Event. Survive Pumpking is the only badge to have something to do with a Boss

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Overview. Exploration Badge Marker. Exploration Badges are earned by visiting certain important locations throughout Paragon City. Finding an exploration badge (with only a few exceptions) for the first time awards a small amount of experience to characters who are at least Level 2. Badges listed on this page are just those that are earnable by. In Kit Battle, there are several badges to earn while you play. Here's the list of what they're called and how to achieve them: Welcome to Kit Battle - Play the game for the first time. Player VS Player - As Minecrafter, kill somebody that's also using the kit (Also counts towards Support. Badges are symbols of achievements that can be earned in Flood Escape 2. You can get badges by surviving an Insane Map, Crazy Map, or an event challenge when an event comes. 'Rarity' will not be displayed as it shows the percentage of people who got the badge yesterday/today (who didn't already own it). Not all time percentage This lists Badges that are currently made on this Wiki Sudden Changes Badge: You had to give Sudden Changes Sans a coffee and then he would say: thanks kiddo! I'll help ya from time to time. and then you would get Sudden Changes Sans. (was a event) ??? (Badge): To get this, you had to go the..

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1 Overview 2 Badges 2.1 The Ultimate Dunk 2.2 I HATE GLASS 2.3 Clean Boy 2.4 Best Janitor Around 2.5 The Hidden Treasure 2.6 A Lemon Without Omelettes 2.7 Welcome to BRIBBLECO™ 2.8 Cassette Collector 2.9 World's Spiciest Janitor 2.10 Item Hoarder A list of all the badges that are currently in.. Inscription. On this street in 1939, a parade was held to honor the hero Atlas. Though Atlas' nemesis, the Teal Serpent, tried to interrupt the festivities with a poison gas bomb, Atlas saved the spectators by scooping them up to sit on his mighty shoulders, far above the fumes. After getting the citizens to safety, Atlas sought out the Teal. Inscription. This building was once the lab of Dr. Brian Webb, the brilliant scientist who broke the dimensional barrier and opened up whole new worlds to science. His notes reveal that his findings were linked to previous scientists' research on the effects of the drug Superadine. Much has been made of this discovery, but the link between the.