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It's important to add '0px' to the top and bottom margin of the row. This helps to remove the space between the rows. Border. Lastly, make sure the top and bottom border styles have a Border Width of '0px'. And that the right and left border styles are the following: Border Width: 16px; Border Color: #f9cc98; Row 5 Column Structur For example, just go to the Row settings > Advanced > Custom CSS > Column 1 Main Element & insert the CSS below: Code: border-right: 1px solid #333; We are providing Free help for Divi community. If you wish to show us some support, consider purchasing our Divi products to enhance your Divi site: Divi Ultimate Header Plugin: https://header. Divi makes it easy to manage border options for all modules, rows and sections using the new border options interface. Within this simple and intuitive UI, you can customize your border color, size and style and adjust each edge individually

In the previous version of Divi, column options were sparse and somewhat hidden within row settings. With this update, columns are getting their own settings popup filled with the full range of design options you would expect. Background, Links, Padding, Border, Box Shadow, Filters, Transforms, Animations, Custom CSS, Visibility and more The Custom Padding pushes the border color to the right and exposes the background gradient to create a unique effect. Now Copy the Module and paste it to the top of the right column and also directly under the text module with the heading (replacing the one currently there). Here is what it looks like so far. Add Vertical Divider Line Gutter width is just a fancy term for the margin between columns within a row. It is difficult to adequately build a grid with correct margins on the fly. That is why Divi has the Gutter width option for each row. It helps ease the pain for spacing out columns evenly

How to Use Divi's New Border Style Options on Your Website

If you want more space between columns, this is called the gutter. So I suggest changing the row gutter width to 4 in the Design tab of the Row settings. Below that setting is another setting, and this is helpful if your content in the columns is not exactly equal Steps to stop your columns from breaking in Divi on mobile: Add a class to the row > advanced CSS section (like three-columns) Add the class to your stylesheet or custom CSS area. Add .et_pb_column after the class. Adjust the with accordingly (like width: 33.33%!important for 3 columns on mobile

Creating page designs that interact isn't always an easy task. Besides focusing on user experience, design principles and design trends, you also need to cre.. Learn more here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/theme-releases/the-new-divi-column-options-column-editing-interfaceToday we are excited to release the ne.. Divi's new border options add a ton of new possibilities to designing a new website with Divi's built-in settings only. To help you illustrate some of the things you can do with the border options, we're recreating the examples of the announcement post. In the first part of this post, we've handled 7 of the [] The post How to Use Divi's New Border Style Options on Your Website.

Make Divi Blog Module Into 2 Columns Let's start with changing the Divi Blog module column count to two. By default, the Blog module comes in at 3 columns when the layout is set to Grid, and 1 column when the layout is set to Fullwidth. In order to keep this very, very simple, we need to set the Layout to Fullwidth Update: With Divi updates the columns section of this code no longer works correctly. You can still use the styling for your posts but to change the number of columns I highly recommend you move over to using CSS Grid. You can find a Recipe on how to do it here.. Recipe #25 answers a couple of questions I have been asked recently Learn More: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/theme-releases/divi-feature-update-advanced-border-options-for-all-modules-rows-and-sectionsToday we are excit..

Columns In the first green field of the first row of numbers, enter how many columns you want for your filterable portfolio, in the second green field, enter the margin you want between your columns. Fields 3, 4 & 5 in that row will automatically adjust based on your settings I have followed your guide to create a 4/2/1 column responsive layout, and it works great - with equal grid heights included!!! Only things I do notice are: 1. The grid-template-columns: repeat(2, 1fr); has a warning x in the Divi custom CSS panel. The 1fr part it doesn't like - but I left it in anyway. 2 By default, Divi unfortunately only gives us the option to have up to 4 columns in the Divi builder but in this tutorial, I show you how to add 5 or 6 columns! There are several ways to go about this and there's even a free plugin (linked below) but if you've been following my tutorials, you know that I do everything in my power to avoid. Divi has an option to Equalize Column Heights, but it doesn't center the content in the modules which can be very frustrating. You can certainly do that by adding padding and margins to the Divi module your content is in BUT, if content gets rearranged, you'll have to rework everything you did to make it look right again Widget title borders; Blog pagination borders; If you would like to start with the blog module and sidebar configured like they are in the video tutorial, you can download the .json file by clicking the button below. Then go to Divi Library under the Divi/Extra theme menu and import the file

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  1. Note: For this demonstration, I've added a border around each column to show where the borders are.It's important to make the distinction early on that for this article we are only dealing with 2 modules per column. Add a CSS Class name to the row (green section) so that we can target it and the 3 columns
  2. Divi Builder itself offers 20 column structures which you can use according to your needs. Each column structure consists of a certain number of columns, with different predefined widths. Unlike, say Elementor, Divi Builder offers no built-in feature to resize the column width. To resize a column width in Divi Builder, you need to add CSS code
  3. Easiest way is to set the gutter width to be 1 & set each column to have some border with transparent color, in order to add spacing between column. We are providing Free help for Divi community. If you wish to show us some support, consider purchasing our Divi products to enhance your Divi site
  4. Designing the Divi Theme Pricing Table Modules. First, add two tables by clicking Add New Pricing Table button. I created two tables and named them Starter and Pro. Adding new Pricing Tables. Once you have added tables, click the settings button to edit them. Add subtitle, currency, price, button text and of course content
  5. 3 Padding (that you're using) Padding would add a space inside the element. Which won't do the trick. You need to use margin instead of padding. note: .column is the class; the #1 is the id; position should have only one of the listed values and there may be a few others; Left defines the # of px or % from the left of the document; and top.
  6. Add Lines Between Divi Menu Items. A lot of our Divi Menu tutorials have been functional, while fewer of them have been about style and design. This tutorial will add some style to your Divi menu! I will show you how to add vertical divider lines between the menu items

How to keep 4 or more columns side-by-side on mobile in Divi. Go to your row settings of the row that has 4+ stacked columns. In the advanced tab, open the CSS ID & Classes drop-down tab. In the CSS Class section of your row settings, name the class with however many columns you desire. For example: four-columns While the divider tag in <TableRow> is used to place divider between it's direct childrens i.e Columns. Share. Improve this answer. Follow answered Dec 3 '18 at 10:46. Mohammed Junaid Mohammed Junaid. 1,086 11 11 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. Add a comment | That's because we need to target the button wrapper, and this is the only way to do that. Find the row and column where you want to place the buttons. In the column settings, go to the Advanced tab to the CSS Class. Add the class pa-inline-buttons and save. Next, add the following snippet your Divi>Theme Options>Custom CSS box Another option is to use display: table on the parent and then display: table-cell on the columns, and then have a single border line between them. Share. Improve this answer. Follow edited Aug 4 '13 at 4:06. Greeso. 5,570 6 6 gold badges 43 43 silver badges 67 67 bronze badges Now add -ontop or -onbottom to the end of the shape class to indicate if you want the shape to appear on the top or bottom of that element. In this example, we are choosing the arrow-top shape and placing it on the bottom of the element. So, the class we will use is

We generally see this when margins and padding are conflicting between rows and columns. An alternative method to solving this problem would be to create negative margins. If you choose to use negative margins, know that Divi will overlap imagery from right to left, choosing right content as dominant Reduce the Spacing Between Divi Pagebuilder Rows. Sections are then divided into a number of rows, which are another source of vertical spacing between modules. You can control this spacing with the following: .et_pb_row { padding-top: 30px !important; } Again, the value above is the default and you probably want to reduce it from 30px As a default, the Divi mega menu when activated shows only 4 columns, but to make better use of space, I wanted to have 5 columns (and probably more as more Divi demos are added). So, by adding a few lines of custom CSS I changed the 4 columns mega menu into a 5 column mega menu. For more advanced mega menu features you may want to look at. 2. Hover effects on Divi Columns. Look at the What I do section. Each column consists of two modules: blurb (for the icon) and text (on a separate background). But when you use this hover effect, it creates the illusion that each column is one element. It creates a clean, uniform look. And you can have fun making those columns jump Achieving no gaps between modules in Divi is quite easy. Simply the widths and the margins of the different columns need to be changed with a short CSS code. All you need to do is the following 2 steps: Copy the below lines to your theme's style.css file or add it in the Appearance > Divi Theme options > General > Custom CSS box

I have a row in my report that has 6 columns. I want to outline the row with a border, but not the column lines in between. So, I went into BorderColor, changed the Default to white and my Top and Bottom colors as Black. The problem is that where the white column lines are, they are displaying 1pt gaps in my outline Some time ago I asked in the Divi Soupies Facebook Group whether you guys would be interested in knowing how to add Divi's Shape Dividers, which are currently only available for sections, to other page elements, in the same way I have used on my Vivid Child Theme.. The response was a resounding YES!!! So here it is, better late than never . I decided as this is a very visual effect, to. In between each blurb module I used a divider module for the thin line. The second and third column is created with text modules and I also used here a divider module for the line. In the fourth column, I placed a social media module and an email opt-in. Visit website. You Might Also Like How To Edit The Footer In Divi; How To Center Divi. Insert a table in a text module through the visual builder. How to insert a table: Under the visual tab on the text editor, click the button that looks like this: Add as many rows and columns as you need. You can always add more later. You can also copy and paste in a table into the visual tab. Just make sure it's not from a heavily formatted.

Divi Feature Update! Advanced Border Options For All

Simply add the following code to your Custom CSS box in your Divi ePanel or better yet, your child theme stylesheet. Lets start by by changing up the heading text. 01. .web-price-table .et_pb_pricing_heading h2 {color: #fff; font-size: 22px; font-weight: 900;} This little bit cleans up the text just below the heading text Divi users can choose between six different methods to add custom CSS to their websites. These methods include: Inline CSS added to the content section of a module. Custom CSS Box in the Divi Theme Options dashboard. Advanced options tab of the sections, rows and individual modules

Change Portfolio Grid to Three Columns. One of our most common requests at DiviPlugins is how to change the portfolio layout from four columns to three. You can easily do this by applying a new class to the module and adding a little CSS to your child theme or the Custom CSS section in the Divi Options panel The Divi portfolio grid highlights your projects in a four column-wide display with a great hover effect. Out of the box it looks something like this. But I felt the four columns made things a little cramped as i really wanted to highlight the featured image of each project a little more Step 2B: Apply column spacing. Design needs aren't common for everyone. For example, many users like to have a subscribe button at the top menu, so some at the bottom. And this is undoubtedly true in the case of masonry galleries. By default, the layout it provides has spacing in between columns. However, some might not want that spacing

Next, go back into your row settings and in the Custom CSS tab, add the class ds-vertical-align to each of the Column CSS Class fields you want vertically centered. I have added to all four columns here but you don't need to if you don't want to. Then Save & Exit All the standard Divi module settings are here including backgrounds, animations, text, borders, shadow effects, and more. See the Plugin. 4. Animated Image Caption Hover Effects in Divi. This tutorial places a caption over an image on hover. It includes an overlay, title, text, link, and a styled border. It adds HTML and CSS to a code module Divi's 3.0.49 update seems to have broken this effect. To fix it add this code to your CSS:.border-hover .et_pb_promo_description { position: static !important; } I'll be adding an updating version of this tutorial with downloadable layout files within the the next week but this should do in the meantime

The Divi CSS and Child Theme Guide provides a guide to the CSS selectors used in the Divi theme framework. One of the most common CSS-related queries we see in various online forums and in the Divi community groups is the targeting of the elements that make up Divi's modules You may try to use Divi Theme Builder to create your global header. Use a 3 columns row. As for the menu part, use a sidebar module. And you will need to proceed to WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets & create a new widget area for the navigation widget. And then select it in the sidebar module

Divi Column Options - Elegant Theme

Step 1: Add Row. The first thing you're going to do is add a row. Don't worry about size or how many columns or anything, because we will be deleting it shortly. Now insert a Button Module into the row. Just use # for the URL. We'll be using this module to get the code we'll use to create a button You can also easily change the border of the table if required by adding style elements to the Opening Table Tag To achieve the roll over effect you need to add to bits of further script. Firstly in the CSS tab of your text box to the main element - tr:hover{background-color:#f5f5f5} you can change the colour to match your colour scheme Notes: You can also use the Columns dialog box to adjust the column width and the spacing between columns.. If your document has more than one section, the new layout will only be applied to the current section. Insert a column break to control how text flows between columns. For example, insert a column break to end a paragraph in one column and start a new paragraph at the top of the next.

Bank Southern, one of the only Divi theme examples we were able to find of a bank, displays a full-width image slider with a tagline, CTA, and . Information is presented within two columns at full-width and includes an image, buttons, text, and video. The menu displays links in three columns with one column standing apart with a border rows, which will cause the rules to be displayed between rows; columns, which will cause the rules to be displayed between columns; all, which will cause the rules to be displayed between rows and columns. To achieve a similar effect, apply the border property to the appropriate <thead>, <tbody>, <tfoot>, <col>, or <colgroup> elements. summar CSS for Divi. Learn CSS with Divi in mind. The first part of the course introduces the CSS selectors John tweaks most often when building his Divi sites. The second part of the course includes 25+ unique CSS techniques / projects specifically for Divi. This opens in a new window. Hey there, Divi Designer Divi Booster Feature List. I'm constantly adding new Divi configuration options to Divi Booster. Here's the full list of features. If there is something you'd love to see added, please let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to add it On a worksheet, select the cell or range of cells that you want to add a border to, change the border style on, or remove a border from. To apply a new or different border style, click the arrow next to Borders , and then click a border style. Tip: To apply a custom border style or a diagonal border, click More Borders. In the Format Cells.

How to Design Abstract Lines to Frame Your Content in Divi

  1. Note: in order for your dropdown menus to be full width, you must first make your header full width. To do this, navigate to Divi > Theme Customizer > Header & Navigation > Primary Menu Bar, and tick the box for Make Full Width.. So this next set of CSS is what fixes the giant icons. Paste this CSS in the same place, after the CSS above
  2. The Divi Builder includes a pricing table module built in (to see more about Divi Builder modules, see the article Divi Modules Ultimate List here on the Divi Cake blog). Many of the Divi child themes and layouts available in the marketplace and within the Divi Builder (such as this one from the Elegant Themes' Digital Product Pricing page as.
  3. First we set the image width to 250px. Then we set the height to 250px (to get square images, in this case). Finally we set the space between side-by-side images to be 25px. The width normally available to the gallery images is 1080px and if the images are take up too much space the ones on the end will be pushed down to the next row
  4. How to add a line between columns in Word and 'drawing' a line at points in the text. Word 2007 and beyond
  5. Learn how to style a Divi Blurb Module in this easy to follow free tutorial. Download the free Divi Blurbs Module to go with Divi Theme. In the style of the new Falkor Bundle, the spring 2018 UI Kit bundle, this fun four up blurbs module will readily fit in any page layout. Get it now
  6. This free layout for a black & white multi-column hero section is available to download from the Elegant Themes blog post How to Design Unique Multi-Column Hero Sections with Divi's Specialty Section. The multi-column hero section is created using only the built-in Divi options. and the blog post shows you step-by-step how to create the.
  7. There are just a few things you have to adjust in Divi. So here is a novice-friendly step by step tutorial for creating a rounded split between sections in Divi using only CSS. Lets Get Started. First thing you need to do is assign a unique CSS Class to the section you would like to have the rounded split on top of. 1. Open the section settings.

There are just a few things you have to adjust in Divi. So here is a novice-friendly step by step tutorial for creating transparent triangles between sections in Divi using only CSS. Lets Get Started . First thing you need to do is assign a unique CSS Class to the section you would like to have the triangle on the bottom of. 1. Open the section. Place Divi Button Modules Next to Each Other in the Same Column. If ever you need to place buttons side-by-side in the same column, this tutorial is for you. The standard Divi Button module takes the entire width of the column it's placed in and any additional buttons would go below the previous button. With a little bit of CSS you can change.

5 Creative Ways to Use Divi's Built-In Margin and Gutter

While using the WordPress theme, Divi, you use the awesome power of the display: flex property! View the live snippet here! Now let's go through the steps to align content in the middle of a column with Divi: Creating the section. Add your new section and 2 column row. In the Section and Row modules set the top and bottom padding to 0px To add vertical border lines, please add this to the Custom CSS textarea on the Plugin Options screen of TablePress: .tablepress-id-1 thead th, .tablepress-id-1 tbody td { border: 1px solid #cccccc; } Regarding the sorting: TablePress will of course sort correctly here - but only if all cells in the respective columns are plain. To make columns distinct, you can add a vertical line between each column. The line sits in the center of the column gap. If you've ever styled border, then you are ready to style column-rule..container { -webkit-columns: 2 400px; -moz-columns: 2 400px; columns: 2 400px; -webkit-column-rule: 1px solid black; -moz-column-rule: 1px solid black; column-rule: 1px solid black; Tagged: vertical separator Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total) Author Posts February 20, 2015 at 12:08 am #399335 tremblaylyParticipant HI I would like to put a vertical line separator between the columns on this page: (hosted on WPengine) (site is in development only but I published the page so you can see

How To Remove Spaces Between Columns - Divi Visual Builder

Set up your blog + sidebar layout: Go to your Blog page > Enable Visual Page Builder. Insert Section > Specialty Section. Insert Column > 3/4 and 1/4 (Right Sidebar) Insert Row > Single Row. Insert Module > Blog Module > Save. In the far right column, Insert Module > Sidebar Module > Save. Delete default Regular Section above DreamWallDecor Decorative Interior Column - One Full Column Made from Dense Architectural Polyurethane Compound 7 inch Shaft. 3.5 out of 5 stars. 2. $279.99. $279. . 99. $11.99 shipping Here's how to do it. First, here's an unstyled accordion module showing the gaps between the three items: Item 1. Item 1 text. Item 2. Item 2 text. Item 3. Item 3 text. Now, to remove the padding, go into the accordion module's settings and switch to the Custom CSS tab Divi columns and sizes. 16:9 is the standard ratio for monitors. It's great for full-width images and headers. Here are the general image sizes for the main column widths: 1 column: 1080 x 608px. ¾ column: 795 x 447. ⅔ column: 700 x 394. ½ column: 510 x 287. ⅓ column: 320 x 181 In Recipe #14 I'm going to show you how to create a sleek horizontal submenu with Divi. I am sure there was someone in the community who asked me about this but I can't remember who , however I thought this would be useful for many as one of the major gripes designers have had with Divi is the lack of navigation design options.So hopefully this will add one more little trick to your.

Divi breakpoints. The breakpoint means that the layout of your website changes at certain screen size. The Divi breakpoints are: 0px - 479px for mobile 480 - 980px for tablets 981px and above for desktops. Divi media queries. In the latest version of Divi, we can adjust elements for mobile, tablet and desktops Disclaimer: The information provided on DevExpress.com and its affiliated web properties is provided as is without warranty of any kind.Developer Express Inc disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose

Hello, I'm using your great plugin on the right sidebar on my blog. I want to add a border between both columns but when I use .column1{border-right: 1px solid black ;} or.column2{border-left: 1px solid black ;} The content from the sidebar is not displayed. How can I solve this? Regards In your Divi page builder, click Blog module settings icon: Module settings. - Set Posts Number to 2. - Optionally, thick the blog categories you want to display here. - Set Meta Date Format to: m/d/Y. - Enable Read More Button. - Hide categories, hide comment count, hide pagination. Select Design tab. - In Title Text section, set. Go to Text Settings > Design > Sizing > Max-Width and click on the mobile icon and then the Mobile tab. Set the width to 33%. If you want to connect your left and right buttons with a standard text as in the 3rd example all you need to do is; Remove the middle buttons link. Set a new background-color of #f4f4f4 Context. If you're wondering why we have a column-gap property when there's already a grid-column-gap one, you're not alone! In fact, column-gap effectively replaces grid-column-gap.By dropping the grid-prefix, it's a lot more clear that we can control gaps in more situations than CSS Grid.. Yeah, it's a bit of a headache if you've already been working with grid-column-gap because. The column-rule property sets the width, style, and color of the rule between columns. This property is a shorthand property for: column-rule-width. column-rule-style (required) column-rule-color. If column-rule-color is omitted, the color applied will be the color of the text. Default value

How To Keep Columns Side-By-Side On Mobile in Div

If the column of numbers appears in a table with cell padding or cell borders, you can still align the decimal points without an unsightly gap in the middle, by forcing the border and padding between those two columns off 2×1, 3×1, 4×1 all work fine if your number of articles equals the columns. A 2×1 grid and 3 articles will look bad. Does that make sense? If you display more than 1 row, you need to go with the jquery option. In the current version of Divi, .bloggrid has been renamed .et_pb_blog_grid. Repl

Divi is a wonderful, versatile and mobile ready theme. However, some might wish it were a little more flexible when it comes to it's mobile layout. By default, all columns become their own row when viewed on a mobile device. If you have one row of four columns on a desktop, you end up with four rows in one column on mobile Styling The Divi Submenu Understanding The Divi Submenu Structure. As we continue our Divi Menu Module series, we are going to focus on the dropdown submenu for the next several tutorials.With this tutorial, you will be able to style and customize the Divi menu module dropdown submenu and change things like the colors, border, spacing, hover effects, and more In this tutorial, I show you How to Customize the Dropdown Menu in Divi. By default, Divi doesn't provide us with many options to style the dropdown menu but with just a few lines of CSS, you can dramatically change the look of your sub-menu to separate your look from the average Divi design! In this video, I show you how to adjust the.

border-image is a shorthand property that lets you use an image or CSS gradient as the border of an element. .module { border-image: url (border.png) 25 25 round; } The border-image property can be applied to any element, except internal table elements (e.g. tr, th, td) when border-collapse is set to collapse All of the column boxes will be the same size. The only thing you can do is add a rule between columns, using the column-rule property, which acts like border. You can also control the gap between columns using the column-gap property, which has a default value of 1em however you can change it to any valid length unit Table Borders: Between Groups of Columns In the previous example we set borders between groups of rows.In this page we'll set borders between groups of columns

Using this layout of the Divi Blog Extras plugin, you can define the number of columns for the masonry up to 5 columns. Plus, customize column space, change featured image position, display category filter bar, and a lot more exciting features to make your Divi blog page stand out Divi is a powerful WordPress visual builder that allows you to place sliders into full width sections, making your sliders span the entire width of the browser. If you are wondering, Divi is one of the best alternatives to Oxygen Builder app.. Aside from that, Divi sliders also support parallax backgrounds and video backgrounds (which is uniquely one of its kind in the WordPress industry) Description. Contact Form 7 Styler for Divi Visual Page Builder. Now you can Customize and design beautiful contact forms with Divi Visual Builder and without writing a single line of code Now that you have installed Divi by Elegant Themes and little by little you have been personalizing the web according to your goals, it is time to add those little details that make the difference when the user accesses it.. The first step to should be focused on the header and menu section. As the first section of a website, this will be one of the most important things you should pay.

Designed by Divi Addons | Powered by WordPress.Divi trademark is owned by Elegant Themes, Inc. This website is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Elegant Themes. Please Note: External links may be affiliate links that could result in us receiving compensation when you make a purchase, at no cost to you Divi Theme Free Download - Divi Theme + Divi Builder is one of the most popular and powerful multi-purpose WordPress theme designed by Elegant Themes that can be used for any type of niche websites.. This theme is known for its flexibility and multiple customization options. It can perfectly fit on all kinds of blogs or sites I couldn't be more excited to share that FA Icons for Divi Builder 2.6 has just been released and supports the Font Awesome 5 Pro CDN as well! To check what's new (and for an offer) keep reading! read more. Font Awesome in Blurbs: Moving from FA 4.7 to FA 5 Description. display. Short-hand for the stripe, hover, row-border and order-column classes. cell-border. Border around all four sides of each cell. compact. Reduce the amount of white-space the default styling for the DataTable uses, increasing the information density on screen ( since 1.10.1) hover. Row highlighting on mouse over The space between the cell wall and the cell content: cellspacing: pixels: Space between cells: frame: void above below hsides lhs rhs vsides box border: Specifies which parts of the outside borders that should be visible: rules: none groups rows cols all: Specifies which parts of the inside borders that should be visible: summary: text.

Canada, UHow to Use Divi’s New Border Style Options on Your Website

CSS: borders between table columns only - Stack Overflo

1. Create your two columns. 2. Select the columns container block - not the individual columns. 3. In the Settings Sidebar under Advanced add container-border to the Additional CSS field. 4. Then style it with this CSS: You can then add the container-border class to any blocks you want to display a border on Installation. Upload column-shortcodes to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate Column Shortcodes through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. A shortcode icon is added to the top of the WYSIWYG editor. Click the added icon and it will open a popup window from which you can pick your column shortcode .col-md-border:not(:last-child) matches all but the last element before .row close and adds right border to it..col-md-border + .col-md-border matches the second div with the same class if these two are next to each other and adds left border and -1px negative margin. Negative margin is why it doesn't matter anymore which column has greater.

The Divi Theme By Elegant Themes: How Elegant Themes AreHow to Create a Responsive Table with Horizontal Scroll in

Divi vs Elementor summary: Choosing between Elementor and Divi is going to come down to two things. Price and ease of use.; Divi is cheaper but has a steeper learning curve and is harder to master.; Elementor, on the other hand, is much easier to learn, use, and master but it costs more.; Using Divi on unlimited websites costs $89 per year (or $249 for lifetime access) Customize the mobile menu with this easy to follow Javascript and CSS snippet! Making submenus collapse keeps the long mobile menus clean and responsive It works with the Divi menu module and standard Divi header. Before: After: Alternative Method Collapse Submenus make it easier for users to navigate your website. If you [ Because of Divi's popularity, you can find lots of expertly developed plugins, child themes, layouts, and much more from companies like Divi Space. These add-ons will both save you time and expand your capabilities when building websites using Divi. Divi is a Highly Customizable WordPress Theme With just a few CSS rules, you can create a print-inspired layout that has the flexibility of the web. It's like taking a newspaper, but as the paper gets smaller, the columns will adjust and balance automatically allowing the content to flow naturally. .intro { columns: 300px 2; } The columns property will accept column-count, column-width. Divi Theme is also evolving each day as new features are being added to it in each version. One of the most requested feature in Divi theme is the contact form builder like contact form 7 plugin. The Divi contact form module is great but its not easy to customize and you are stuck with the form fields it has by default

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