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  4. Door Ramps For Wheelchairs, Scooters & More to make your home or building easily accessible and compliant Amramp threshold ramps are an ideal solution for people using a wheelchair, mobility scooter or walker to navigate through a doorway and raised landings inside the home or for access to the porch, garage, deck, or patio
  5. A threshold ramp is an inclined plane (a flat surface rising at an angle) that creates a smooth, continuous platform from one walking surface to another. Threshold ramps allow those in wheelchairs, scooters, or using walkers, to move safely and freely through doorways, passages and raised landings that might otherwise an obstacle. 1

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Threshold Ramp 3 - Made in USA - Aluminum threshold ramp for wheelchairs and scooters. 600 lb capacity. 3 high X 17 long X 34 wide designed for doorways, sliding glass doors, and raised landings. 8 $99 9 The EZ-Access™ Aluminum Threshold ramp is a lightweight yet durable modular door threshold ramp designed for doorways, thresholds, sliding glass doors, single steps, and raised landings. Threshold wheelchair ramps may be used either one by itself or two combined (pictured above) to make entry and/or exit convenient and safe Door Threshold Ramps are used to make entry and exit more convenient and safe. They are lightweight yet durable and are designed for doorways, sliding glass doors, and raised landings. These threshold ramps are ideal for use with wheelchairs, walkers, and cane users. 15 Product Threshold Ramp 3 - Made in USA - Aluminum threshold ramp for wheelchairs and scooters. 600 lb capacity. 3 high X 17 long X 34 wide designed for doorways, sliding glass doors, and raised landings. 4.5 out of 5 stars Foghorn Construction- 1 Inch High Threshold Ramp for Door, 43 Wide, Wheelchair, Doorway Ramps and Any Opening Where The sill has a Tripping Hazard in The Way. Heavy and Strong for Powered Wheelchairs 1 Count (Pack of 1) 22

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  1. um Threshold Doorway Wheelchair Ramp (ADA Compliant) ADA Compliant. Model #TH1232. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 5. Prairie View Industries. 4-ft x 36-in Alu
  2. Product Overview. This 6 ft. length oak patio door threshold is intended for use with Andersen patio doors. It is recommended to be fastened with screws. This wooden threshold can be painted and stained. For residential use accompanies 6 ft. wide french wood gliding or hinged patio doors. Recommended for screw fastening
  3. In an ideal world, the patio doors' threshold would be much lower, and you wouldn't need handicap ramps for patio doors. In fact, most building codes specify that thresholds should be fairly low. It would still require a small handicap ramp for a sliding glass door to get over the rise. To find out what size ramp you need, you must
  4. Foghorn Construction- 1 Inch High Threshold Ramp for Door, 43 Wide, Wheelchair, Doorway Ramps and Any Opening Where The sill has a Tripping Hazard in The Way. Heavy and Strong for Powered Wheelchairs. 1 Count (Pack of 1) 4.6 out of 5 stars 233. $48.95 $ 48. 95 ($48.95/Count
  5. um, this ramp is tough, solid, and durable
  6. um, and foam threshold ramps in a variety of sizes and weight capacities. They are all designed to help wheelchair and power scooter users smoothly navigate small rises like doorways, patio doors, shower entrances, and single steps. We offer three main types of ramp
  7. ate trip hazards, and are available in multiple sizes to accommodate rises up to 6.25 high. These lightweight alu

Barrier-Free Ramp Thresholds. The modular ramp thresholds are an improvement over the 257/259 however, 257/259 will remain available for special requirements. PemKote is highly recommended for all threshold assemblies, especially exterior conditions where moisture may be present. PemKote can be applied to any finish The Drive Medical Threshold Ramp is designed to carry a single user with a wheelchair, powerchair, or scooter over the door threshold. They are constructed from lightweight aluminum with a checker plate gripped surface and two non-slip edges. Position the ramp in the doorway as shown in the pictures

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Patio doors and sliding glass doors usually have a raised u-channel that keeps the movable part of the door in place horizontally as it slides along a raised center rail. To help reduce the inherent trip and fall risk of this design, beveled or rounded threshold ramps on both sides of the door are a great solution, as are rubber door jamb. Threshold Ramps. Threshold Ramps. Whether it's at your front door, inside of your garage, or on your back deck, chances are every part of your home is not on the same level. If you're looking to reduce the risk of tripping and make it easier for mobility device users and shuffle steppers to move through your home's doorways, EZ-ACCESS has.

The crossing ramp makes it easy to get through all types of doors, whether it is a patio door or a regular swinging door. Enjoy your outdoors and head safely to your terrace with your wheelchair without any difficulty thanks to our threshold crossing ramps and sloping planes. Our advisors will be happy to help you have a good time on your terrace Threshold Wheelchair Ramps - We carry a large selection of threshold ramps for every need. Threshold ramps are designed for door thresholds, single steps, raised floors and other transitions. Both of our Rubber Beveled Edge and Rubber Flat Edge Theshold Ramps are ADA slope compliant and made of 100% recycled materials. We have adjustable aluminum threshold wheelchair ramps that easily adjust. Modular Ramps. Pemko Barrier-Free Ramp Thresholds; Pemko Miter Returns For All Modular Ramp Thresholds; Pemko Rubber Ramps and Components. RR1.25FMR; RR12_H; SBR.5F; SBR1F; Pemko Threshold Assemblies - Components/Variables; Pemko Threshold Assemblies - Flush Applications; Pemko Threshold Assemblies Offset Applications (3-1/2 Top Plate These ramps hold a lot of weight and can be used in a variety of situations. They are a bit pricier but are still the best options for seniors. The ramps can withstand a lot of weight and use; therefore, you can anchor them on front doors and entryways. 13. Electriduct 4″ Rise Rubber Power Wheelchair Scooter Threshold Ramp

Curb and Threshold Ramps. Overcome curbs and thresholds with the help of EZ-ACCESS. Our durable solutions help eliminate obstacles such as curbs, thresholds, and other raised landings. Getting hand trucks, service carts, or any other industrial equipment up and over elevated barriers is made easier when using a rubber threshold mat or aluminum. Frenchwood® Hinged Patio Doors Contents Frenchwood® Hinged Patio Doors Basic Unit Details oak or maple threshold. Exterior Ramp 10-7/8 (276) maximum. Cut to fit height. Flashing by others . REV.03/05 A R C H I T E C T U R A L D E T A I L F I L E 10-1 Door Seals Threshold Access Ramps Perimeter Threshold Plates & Ramps Finger Guards Door Bottom Drip Guards Magnetic Meeting Style (Astragal) Seals Sweep Action Extruded Silicon & PVC Fire Door Upgrade Bottom Padlocks & Accessories Window Hardware Keyless Entry General Hardware & Accessories Bathroom Hardware & Fittings Exit Devices Electric Lock

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The standard ramp comes with a 3 attachment area and an attachment box to secure the ramp end to the house or a barrier. The width of the ramp varies depending on the size of pet door installed. We offer five widths of ramps to complement all 12 sizes of our pet door as well as custom sizes. We also offer five standard heights or rises of. Threshold ramps provide a simple and safe way to navigate through doorways, raised landings, curbs, and more. By providing a sturdy, inclined platform, these devices allow those using a wheelchair or scooter to take their device where they never could before. Available in aluminum, rubber, and fiberglass, many of these ramps support as much as. Perfect for storm doors, screen doors or patio doors, the width of the Big Lug ramp allows for the perfect amount of clearance between the handrails. 100% Durable Aluminum Construction: Our Big Lug ramps are made from high-grade premium aluminum, making them extremely durable for everyday use and all weather conditions The EZ Edge Transition Threshold Ramps are ADA approved and have a lightweight design. The slopes are less than 7.5 percent making it easy to install and roll across these convenient transitional ramps. The current door transition may not exceed 1.5 inches in height. EZ Edge Wheelchair Ramps are designed for entryway doors, sliding glass door. The Rubber Threshold Ramp was the first ramp to be constructed of 100% recycled tire rubber. Intended for use in entry-way doors, sliding glass doors, patio doors or showers, and are excellent for exterior, interior, residential or commercial application. Rubber Threshold Ramps Features and Benefits

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Ada Compliant Sliding Glass Door Threshold. June 11, 2020; By admin Filed Under Glass Doors; No Comments Ce center universal design sliding patio doors breaking down barriers demystifying ada requirements for glass construction specifier wheelchair accessible top 5 best threshold ramps compliant entrances list of entry and door sill fixed saddle sc 1 st windor supply ramp image is loading. The Ramp Peoples threshold ramps are among the UK's bestselling portable access ramps and are used extensively by the NHS, nursing homes and other industries. You'll find our range of door threshold ramps suit a range of demands, whether it's to provide wheelchair access up a small step or to bridge a high threshold Wheelchair Ramp 2pcs Heavy Duty Car Rubber Ramp Door Curb Ramps, Pedestrian Threshold Ramps for Wheelchair Car Motorcycle Bike Threshold Ramps, 50 x 41 x 11 cm Black 4.7 out of 5 stars 5 £38.89 £ 38 . 89 (£38.89/count Easily overcome rises with the rubber doorway ramp. The ramp has an impressive can easily support most wheelchairs or power scooters. It is designed to be used both indoors and out. The solid rubber construction easily accommodates gravel and other uneven surfaces and is safe in all weather conditions due to the non-slip textured surface. For added convenience, this threshold ramp includes 3. Launched - Extended Door Low Threshold Ramps. We have launched a new extended door threshold ramp system for residential entrance and French doors to add to our range of low level access products. The new ramps are used in conjunction with our current PVC-U low thresholds and are available in four configurations

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First, take your 2x8 and place it on the door of your choice. You can use your front door, or back door. You will want to screw it into place securely, making sure that it doesn't jiggle when you move it. Cut a 45-degree angle into both 2x6-inch pieces is to ensure that it fits snugly with your 2x8 Sliding Door / Patio Back Entrance Room Front Porch Entrance Garage Back Entrance W Ref. DW D Master Bedroom Master Bath Walk-in Shower Bath Bedroom Rubber Threshold Ramp Symbol AU-RUBBERthREshold-BR-10-3-11 Ramps Caution: This product is made from recycled natural rubber which may contain Latex and could cause an allergic reaction in some. The TRANSITIONS® Modular Entry Ramp is ideal for doorways, sliding glass doors, and raised landings, complete with an adjustable flap that attaches to the top of the ramp for additional adjustability. Why We Like It. Previously known as the Threshold Ramp by E-Z Access, this is a perpetual best rated, best reviewed product Safepath EZ Edge Threshold Ramps are designed for immediate and easily installation on concrete, asphalt, wood, tile, VCT and marble. It is most often used for door thresholds, sliding glass doors, entryways, or any other transitions that impede a free path of travel. Simply choose the model closest to the height and the necessary width required EZ-Access Transitions - Modular Threshold Wheelchair/Scooter Ramp is made of aluminum and features an extruded, slip-resistant surface for superior traction. The modular design has interchangeable extensions that accommodate thresholds from 3/4 to 6 1/4 in height. Each ramp is 34 wide and fits most standard door entrances. Weight Capacity: 700 lbs. Ideal for sliding glass doors because it.

EZ-ACCESS Transitions Modular Entry Ramps are designed for scooters and wheelchairs. The Threshold Ramp is a lightweight yet durable modular ramp designed for doorways, sliding glass doors, and raised floors. BUY ON SALE at Vitality Medical Doorline Multi Ramp and Aerolight Xtra Combination Ramp for UPVC Door UPVC door thresholds problems can now be overcome with the innovative doorline-multi ramp. This unique product rests securely on the threshold to provide a short internal ramp whilst creating a strong platform for any aerolight or perfolight ramp to land on. from the outsid

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New extended door threshold from Eurocell increases options for homeowners. Eurocell, the UK's number 1 provider of PVC-U windows to the new build sector, is launching a new extended door threshold ramp system for residential entrance and French doors to add to its range of low level access products. The new ramps are used in conjunction with. Replacing door threshold aluminum2. Aluminum thresholds allow you to span humble steps, together with heights roughly about 6 in. wide. Also, they are suitable for entrance doors, sliding glass gates, or perhaps brought up landings. Aluminum thresholds are usually durable, light, and also corrosion immune. Exterior door threshold EZ-Access Threshold Wheelchair Ramp. EZ-Access Threshold Ramps are available to accommodate door or raised landings from 1 inch to 6 inches in height and can be used by all types of wheelchairs and scooters. Threshold ramps may be used either one by itself or two combined to make entry and/or exit convenient and safe

Total ratings 1, £49.99 New. Heavy Duty Plastic Kerb Door Ramps Wheelchair Mobility Scooter Access Ramp. £49.99 New. 2pcs Heavy Duty Portable Rubber Curb Kerb Ramp Non-slip Durable 50x30x11cm UK. £43.92 New. Drive Medical Threshold Ramp for Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters - 80cm 2.6ft. 4.5 out of 5 stars Threshold Ramps. Threshold ramps can make all the difference when it comes to making the inaccessible, accessible. Kerbs and raised doorways don't have to put a stop to your plans. From ramps you can carry with you to those that can be left in place as a more permanent option, we have a variety of threshold ramps for wheelchairs and threshold. The Self Supporting Threshold Ramp, models SSTH1636-1.5, SSTH2436-2, SSTH2436-2.5 and SSTH2436-3, is an accessible threshold designed to provide wheelchair access for doorways to individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This threshold ramp can be used in doorways with doors that swing out or in The ramp features beveled side edges to allow wheelchair wheels to smoothly mount the ramp. ADA-compliant and easy to transport, this threshold ramp is a low-cost solution for making any space more accessible. Makes getting a wheel chair through a door much easier. Beveled side edges allow for ease of use. Slip resistant and durable surface

The EZ-ACCESS Transitions line of door threshold ramps and mats that provide sturdy support and a smooth transition. From $94. Read more Compare. Angled Entry Ramp. Transitions Angled Entry Ramp is portable, stand-alone threshold ramp that features independently adjustable legs with swivel feet BALCONY AND PATIO DOORS IN HOUSES AND DWELLING UNITS Page 3 of 3 DOC/2016/154244 designed step-over within a balcony door may be equipped with detachable or permanent wheel-chair ramp. However, a ramp for a door with threshold in excess of 200 mm would be too steep for someone in a wheelchair to negotiate The Rampkit - Up & Over is a clever combination designed to allow easy negotiation of raised door thresholds. Available in a combination of lengths, the 'Up & Over' kit utilises the ever popular Aerolight Xtra wheelchair ramp, along with the Doorline Multi threshold ramp and best of all, you benefit from the savings offered by buying them as a kit

EZ Access freestanding aluminum threshold ramp. 3 high x 34 wide modular threshold ramp specifically designed for doorways, sliding glass doors and raised landings. Features a 600 lb. maximum weight capacity and is great for manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and scooters. Can be combined side by side for larger width doorways If door threshold is less than the height of the Modular Entry Mat (2-1/2 high), trim mat to the desired height, depth and/or width using a reciprocating saw, razor knife, or hand saw. Use caution when operating any non-manual saw as serious injury may result due to unexpected binding or pinching of rubber mat material

Apr 15, 2021 - Lightweight And Portable Folding Threshold Access Ramp, Lightweight and portable, provides easy access over door thresholds, Adjustable feet allow for different floor levels also giving total door protection. Quick to deploy and folds together for eas 1100 Sliding Patio Door. Easy to open and easy to care for vinyl construction with classic color choices to fit any budget. The 2-panel patio door features one panel that slides open from either the left or right and one fixed panel. Enlarge your patio door and increase natural light with fixed side lite windows Moore Pet Supplies offers a wide selection of pet ramps, stairs and steps for both indoor and outdoor use for your home, vehicle or yard. Let your older pets enjoy the convenience of pet ramps to get onto the bed, couch or collapsable steps for travel The Transition Series Threshold Ramp aluminum threshold ramp allows a Scooter or Wheelchair user move easier through a doorway and prevents damage to your threshold that would normally be cause by a wheelchair or scooter. This Transition Series Threshold Ramp is designed for all doorways including sliding glass patio doorways and features an anti-slip, high traction surface Door Threshold Ramps at Walgreens. View current promotions and reviews of Door Threshold Ramps and get free shipping at $35

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Doorline - Threshold Ramps. Doorline - Threshold Ramps Bethany Cantley 2021-03-31T09:43:21+01:00. Whatever the threshold or doorway, the Doorline threshold ramp range can cope. For the few situations our standard ramps cannot deal with, custom threshold ramps can be made exactly to your specifications. Great ramps for overcoming door. Columbus Wheelchair Ramps has a wide selection of threshold ramp options. You may choose from rubber, composite, steel, and aluminum ramps. All of our models can fit easily into doors, sliders, and vertical barriers to provide easy height transition. We are trusted by many homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, retail stores, and more

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New Jersey Wheelchair Ramps has a wide selection of threshold ramp options. You may choose from rubber, composite, steel, and aluminum ramps. All of our models can fit easily into doors, sliders, and vertical barriers to provide easy height transition. We are trusted by many homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, retail stores, and more Our modular ramp systems feature the safest walking surface in the industry and are an affordable choice for accessibility solutions. Our modular ramp systems can be installed in a few hours, bringing freedom to your door step immediately. Permanent or temporary ramp systems are now available in 3 finishes including Silver, Forest Green, and. the threshold provided the door does not swing over the landing or floor. Where exterior landings or floors serving the required egress door are not at grade, they shall be provided with access to grade by means of a ramp or stairway. 4. Floor elevations for other exterior doors. (Patio Doors) CRC R311.3.2. Doors other than the require

Threshold Ramps. As their name implies, these are made for a very short rise, which would typically occur at a door opening. Some of these areas may not look like much, but a rise of 1 1/2 might as well be a brick wall when you hit it with the tiny front wheels of a wheelchair. These are typically made from either aluminum with a non-skid. Threshold ramps can make moving jobs much easier. Many times when trying to move boxes with carts, whether moving in or out, there is a four-inch rise or drop. A threshold ramp eliminates dropping, or having to lift your cart or dolly. It will also make moving jobs less stressful when trying to manipulate heavy appliances in and out of homes As to your specific situation, yes, there are low-threshold, accessible patio door designs for just this purpose. Instead of the traditional sliding patio door, they are available in the more accessible hinged patio door format. For example, door manufacturer Therma-Tru makes something called a public access sill option for a hinged patio door. Save $25 off $150+ with code FREEDOM in cart. Exclusions Apply. Offer valid online and at retail locations 7/5-7/6/21. Additional Information. Features. Door Threshold 92, Mill Finish 1/3/4 W x 1/8H. Show more Show less. Specs


4.5 out of 5 stars. (27) 27 product ratings - HOMCOM 2' Folding Wheelchair Ramp Aluminum Portable Medical Mobility Threshold. $54.99. Was: $61.99. Free shipping. 291 sold Rubber Door Jamb Ramps. Rubber door jamb ramps are meant to get you over a slight lip in a doorway. These are common for doors that slide, such as patio doors. If you have a rubber ramp on each side, you can navigate over the door jamb without having to put extra effort into getting your wheelchair over the threshold Door Threshold Adjustment. I recently talked (via Facebook's private text feature) my daughter through the process of adjusting her front door threshold, in an effort to keep out invading beetles.While I was going over some of the finer points of adjusting the door threshold, I realized how often I preformed this service for my clients

Harmar Rubber Threshold Ramps are available in five different rises and have an 850 pound weight capacity. The ramps feature a unique interlocking dovetail design that allows for easy installation or removal of additional ramps in order to adjust the rise. The ramps can have a rise as high as 4 but if you need to move it to a different. In-Line Sliding Patio Door Introduction SECTION DATE ISS REFERENCE PAGE INTRODUCTION OCTOBER 2016 16 TM-0002 3 The In-line Sliding Patio Door uses a dedicated 86mm deep frame profile which reduces to 70mm deep at the rear which makes it com-patible with the full range of 70mm ancillary profiles, add-ons, cills etc. from Profile 22

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Threshold Ramps & Low Ramps for Doors & Sliding Doors Threshold Ramps & Low Ramps for Doors & Sliding Doors. Designed for a variety of applications and situations threshold ramps are a great cost-effective solution for those using a wheelchair walker or scooter who have a difficult time maneuvering over an entrance way or other small barriers We just got new CGI impact windows in our house installed and a sliding glass door. Everything is great except the sliding door has a 3 tall threshold sill/lip so anyone coming in or out trips (even our dogs have tripped). The purpose of the lip is to protect against the door being blown inwar..

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Rubber ramps offer an economical solution to allow easier wheelchair user access into buildings that have low rise lips or steps. A typical situation would be where sliding doors are fitted and a weather step has to be cleared for access. We offer a wide range of sizes and styles and provide delivery to you Australia wide The seamless design gives your guests or pets safe and secure access to doors, steps, and patios. Because of the pro design, this ramp is both incredibly durable and super easy to install. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This lightweight modular threshold ramp is carefully manufactured using corrosion-resistant aluminum, so you can have years of. A door threshold ramp (also called a doorsill ramp) can also allow a wheelchair to move freely and easily to and from a patio. Go Rampe can recommend the exact accessory for your needs and provide you with the autonomy and freedom to enjoy the summer warmth in your own home setting. Imagineno more obstacle course between you and the kitchen. Atlanta Wheelchair Ramps has a wide selection of threshold ramp options. You may choose from rubber, composite, steel, and aluminum ramps. All of our models can fit easily into doors, sliders, and vertical barriers to provide easy height transition. We are trusted by many homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, retail stores, and more

Solid American White Oak Door Thresholds Available In Choice of Styles and Profiles. Oak Bevel Threshold. Oak Flat Threshold - 1 Round Edge. Oak Flat Threshold - 2 Round Edges. Oak Flat Threshold - Square Edges. Oak Ramp Thresholds. Oak Wood & Carpet Thresholds. See Full Description 1 1/8 x 7 1/2 x 48 red oak wood door threshold handicap access ramp wheel chair. $55.00. $12.54 shipping These solid rubber ramps simply sit against the door sill, and are especially practical for sliding glass doors because they will not interfere with the door tracks. Customize these ramps to fit a doorway simply by trimming the width edges. To trim for a smaller height, simply cut the ramp using the grooves on the bottom 0800 910 1864. This range of Aluminium Threshold Bridge Ramps are designed to make it easier getting up and over different threshold heights. They are extremely lightweight and easy to move and are available in a range of heights from 4cm to 10cm. They are perfect for PVC, WPVC and patio doors and feature a protective rubber grip on the underside

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ramp. A patio area should be provided outside secondary external doors and, where practical, it should be linked to a main path to provide a safe Thresholds of external doors should be flush. If a threshold is unavoidable it should be no more than 15mm high and bevelled to prevent th Patio and Automatic Door Openers. Grab Bar and Handrail Installation. Door Widening. Threshold Ramps & Installation. Accessible Shower Installation & Tub Cuts. Stair Lifts & Vertical Incline Lifts. Vertical Platform Lift Installation. Ceiling Lift Installation. Kitchen and Bath Accessibility Renovations

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GREAT FOR WHEELCHAIRS AND SCOOTERS: If you're looking for an indoor or outdoor, semi-permanent metal access ramp for your home, garage, or commercial business, then the Titan Aluminum Threshold Mobility Ramp is the perfect solution for you. Each ramp is 9.5 in length and has a width of 34 China supplier metal cheap patio door portable threshold ramps for wheelchairs. US $20.00-$35.00 / Set. 200 Sets (Min. Order) CN Anshan Zhongjda Industry Co., Ltd. 6 YRS. 94.0%. 4.9 (18) Contact Supplier. 1/4. ENJOIN High Lightweight Foam Threshold Ramp for Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, and Power Chairs Threshold ramps are often made out of metal, but they can be made out of wood, as well. A threshold ramp needs to be durable, as it must be able to withstand the weight of anything that could be brought into a house. An adequate design for a wooden threshold ramp will require solid wood construction Transitions Beveled Rubber Door Threshold Ramps Threshold ramps provide a simple and safe way to navigate through doorways, raised landings, curbs, and more. By providing a sturdy, inclined platform, these devices allow those using a wheelchair or scooter to take their device where they never could before

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This portable aluminum ramp is ideal for doorways, a single step, thresholds, sliding patio doors and raised landings. The solid aluminum ramp supports up to 700 pounds and is made in the USA. The modular design allows the ramp to be customized by easily adding or removing interchangeable extensions as needed to accommodate the threshold Adjustable Threshold Ramp with Entry Plate Kit. As low as. £288.00 £240.00. In Stock. The Ramp People Fixed Aluminium Threshold Ramps are the ideal solution for overcoming PVC, WPVC, patio doors and many other thresholds. Designed to be left in place, these products provide a comfortable and secure route to the inside of a property All doors can be fabricated using the Artisan range of coloured foils & many panels also available For the choice of obscure glass please use the Glass Patterns leaflet in the DOWNLOAD section Opening IN Door Threshold & Ramp Detail 40. $189.99. $189.99. Shop Now. Make it easier for the elderly and people with limited mobility to go anywhere with this Titan 8 x 32 Wheelchair Walker Casters Threshold Entry Plate Ramp on hand. This item is designed to be used on doorways, sliding glass doors and raised landings. This wide aluminum ramp makes using a walker or a wheelchair. Elev8 Adjustable Threshold Ramp Wheelchairs, power chairs, and scooters gain smooth, easy doorway access with this adjustable indoor or outdoor aluminum threshold ramp by Prairie View Industries. Suitable for most weather conditions, this ramp has a grooved surface for enhanced traction and two adjustable casters underneath to fine tune the fit

Created with Sketch. A patio door for every function, budget, and style. Our patio doors are engineered to protect your home from intense wind and weather, day in and day out. From the elegant function of a French-Style door to the traditional styling of the classic sliding design, our patio doors offer something for every taste Tyrex Rubber Door and Steps Ramps. Slip resistant ramps made from recycled rubber. Provide wheelchair access to doorways or enable a single step to be bridged. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Available as Wedge Ramps or Australian Standard Ramps (1:8 gradient) in various sizes. Learn More The Threshold Ramp is a lightweight yet durable modular ramp designed for doorways, sliding glass doors, and raised landings. Threshold ramps may be used either one by itself or two combined to make entry and/or exit convenient and safe. Simply measure the height of the door entry and choose the correct size

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