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V-Y Lip Lift - V to Y Lip Advancement - V to Y Lip Augmentation Dr. Jacono is a fellowship trained dual board certified facial plastic surgeon who is considered by his peers and patients to be one of the very best in the field of facial rejuvenation which includes all areas of the face, neck, cheeks, lips, nose, eyes, ears, and forehead The local lip tissue can be advanced from inside the lip to provide fullness (V-Y lip advancement), or dermal tissue can be taken from elsewhere on the body and used as implant (dermal grafting). This entry focusses on V-Y lip advancement, a procedure that rearranges the lips tissues to preferentially give fullness to the vermillion (the red. A VY advancement Lip Augmentation is a more invasive approach that I often use for my transgender clientele. This entails making small incisions inside the l..

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Terminology Notes for Lower Lip V-Y Plasty. A Lower Lip lift incorporating V-Y plasties or other tissue rearrangements helps solve the difficult problem of the aging lower lip. An aging lower lip manifests itself as a lip that flattens in shape, thins while turning inward towards the teeth (except in times if a weak, underdeveloped chin is. The V-Y lip advancement for lip augmentation increases the parameters that characterize the fullness of the upper lip and enhances the vermilion pout and projection of the upper and lower lip. It also increases the curvature of Cupid's bow I don't think that V-Y advancement flap surgery is rare. Part of the core training of all plastic surgeons is cleft lip surgery. The use of V-Y flaps in cleft lip surgery is an essential tool. V-Y flaps for general reconstruction is a commonly used technique

V-Y Lip Advancement. V-Y lip advancement is typically reserved for patients who want the maximal amount of result with a permanent correction. In this procedure, small incisions are made inside (under) the lip and then closed in a fashion that rolls the lip outward a bit as demonstrated in the illustrations Dr. Haworth presents his new surgical technique of raising and reshaping the lower lip in order to give it more central curve and help hide the lower teeth... V-Y Lip Advancement Surgery Frequently Asked Questions: Lip augmentation is something that we do at any age - either to reverse the signs of aging or to create what we never had. Restoring Full Lips - Aging spares no one and those troublesome signs show up in our face first The lip (vermilion) advancement is a permanent alternative to lip injections. Fuller or larger lips are evident when more of the vertical height of the vermilion (pink portion of the lips) is seen. Injections accomplish this by pushing from the inside out. Lip advancements achieve this by moving the border of the vermilion further out through. Lassus 9 and Samiian 11 reported excellent results for lip vermilion augmentation after creation of horizontal or vertical V-Y advancement flaps, particularly when combined with the wide undermining and advancement of the wet and dry mucosa lip roll procedure described by Wilkinson

A lower lip mucosal advancement procedure involves careful, strategic rearrangement of the soft tissue along the inner lining of the lip to make the lip appear fuller and more esthetically pleasing. This highly specialized method of lip enhancement is based on use of what we call a V-Y advancement flap V-Y Lip/Mucosal Advancement (Internal Scar) Thin lips can sometimes be enhanced by rearranging the lips' mucosa. The mucosa, the lining on the inside of the lip, can be pushed forward with a minor surgical procedure to provide added lip fullness. V-Y Lip Advancement is often performed comfortably under local anesthesia

Objective: To characterize revision surgery following V-Y subcutaneous tissue pedicle advancement flap repair of large upper lip skin defects. Methods: Retrospective review of upper lip skin defects at least 3.0 cm(2) in area that were reconstructed with a V-Y subcutaneous tissue pedicle advancement flap at an academic tertiary care center V-Y subcutaneous tissue pedicle advancement flap re-pair of large upper lip skin defects. Methods: Retrospective review of upper lip skin defects at least 3.0 cm2 in area that were reconstructed with a V-Y subcutaneous tissue pedicle advancement flap at an academic tertiary care center. Depth and area of the defect, as well as involvement of. The V-Y lip advancement for lip augmentation increases the parameters that characterize the fullness of the upper lip and enhances the vermilion pout and projection of the upper and lower lip. It also increases the curvature of Cupid's bow. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Before & Afters Peled M, Ardekian L, Krausz AA, Aizenbud D. Comparing the effects of V-Y advancement versus simple closure on upper lip esthetics after Le Fort I advancement. J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2004; 62 :315-319. doi: 10.1016/j.joms.2003.08.015 Conclusion: Double V‐Y advancement flaps are suitable for the repair of superfi‐ cial mucocutaneous defects smaller than 50% of the lateral upper lip, especially for younger patients with tight skin. KEYWORDS repair, surgery, upper lip defects, V‐Y advancement fla

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  1. A transposition flap is cut, lifted, and transferred over intervening tissue onto the defect. This type of flap is also referred to as a rhombic, bilobed, or nasolabial fold flap. And with an advancement flap, tissue is moved in a straight line and stretched over the defect. This is also referred to as a V-Y repair or flap
  2. ent scar
  3. Lassus12 advocates the use of V-Y advancement closure (V-Y) over simple continuous suturing (SCS) for maintaining the height and thickness of the upper lip after Le Fort I osteotomy. V-Y results in reduced loss of upper lip length compared with SCS.5, 13, 14 Despite the fact that this procedure may reduce labial shortening by up to 10%, there.
  4. (2002). V-Y advancement flap for the reconstruction of partial and full thickness defects of the upper lip. Scandinavian Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Hand Surgery: Vol. 36, No. 1, pp. 28-33
  5. The aim of this study was to compare upper lip movement and its dimensional changes after maxillary advancement via Le Fort I osteotomy, using V-Y advancement versus simple continuous closure. The study investigates dimensional changes in th
  6. OBJECTIVE To characterize revision surgery following V-Y subcutaneous tissue pedicle advancement flap repair of large upper lip skin defects. METHODS Retrospective review of upper lip skin defects at least 3.0 cm(2) in area that were reconstructed with a V-Y subcutaneous tissue pedicle advancement flap at an academic tertiary care center. Depth and area of the defect, as well as involvement of.
  7. 2004 - V-Y mucosal lip advancement used and described with incisions placed on the inside of the mouth. No major change to philtral length procedure. No major change to philtral length procedure. Implants such as silicone and alloderm introduced to augment the fullness of the red lip

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The V-Y lower lip lift address two elements seen in the aging lower lip: volume loss and exposure of lower teeth with the mouth parted. With advancement of mucosa, the lower lip is essentially remodeled into a fuller lip. The fuller lip may cover more or all of the lower teeth at rest. Candidates for V-Y Lower Lip Lif The V-Y advancement flap is a simple and less complication method to repair lip vermilion tubercle defect after cleft lip surgery. Compared with other method, incision field is relative small, which make it possible to be done under local anesthesia These flaps are; V-Y advancement flaps from inside the vermilion, vermilion advancement flaps, vermilion switch flaps or nonlip flaps such as mucosal flaps and tongue flaps [6]. Cutaneous Defects. Partial-thickness lower lip defects are treated in same fashion as full thickness defects. The lower lip can tolerate wedge excision for the majority.

The cupid's bow of your lip can be made curvier by slightly reshaping it. A specific geometric pattern is made often reflecting four surgical categories: direct lip lift (DLL), indirect lip lift (ILL), corner of the mouth lift (CML) and the V-Y lip advancement (VYLA) A lip lift procedure involves removing excessive upper lip skin beneath the nose. A specific geometric pattern is made often reflecting four surgical categories: direct lip lift (DLL), indirect lip lift (ILL), corner of the mouth lift (CML) and the V-Y lip advancement (VYLA) 17.Shepard GH. (1983) The uses of lateral V-Y advancement flaps for fingertip reconstruction. J Hand Surg 8: 254-258. 18.Shin KS, Lee CH. (1994) Columella Lengthening in nasal tip plasty of Orientals. Plast Recontr Surg 94 :446-453. 19.Wechselberger G, Schoeller T, Otto A, Papp C. (1997) Gluteal fasciocutaneous V-Y advancement flap

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&NA; Various flap procedures for the reconstruction of lower lip defects have been described to achieve the basic requirements of a functional repair, namely muscle function and sensation. Flaps elevated from the upper lip or the adjacent cheek may provide a solution, but for larger lower lip defects, preservation of function is difficult. In this article, a new functional lower lip. Dermal tissue can be taken from elsewhere on the body and used as an implant (dermal grafting), or the local lip tissue can be advanced from inside the lip to provide fullness (V-Y lip advancement discussed in the next article). A small incision is made hidden in the corner of the lip, and the dermis is inserted under the vermilion The basic local flaps include the single/bilateral pedicle advancement (U-plasty/H-plasty), island subcutaneous V-Y advancement, O-T/A-T plasty, rotation, banner, bilobe, and rhombic. If a basic local flap is planned, there is a step-by-step method described by Calhoun et al. (9) to aid in the conceptualization of the process of flap selection These flaps are typically used around the upper lip or forehead. A V-Y advancement flap is created by making a V-shaped incision and advancing the broad base of the V into the defect. The resulting defect is closed primarily in a Y-shape (see the image below)

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  1. Photograph of upper lip V-Y incision marking. The lower lip external marking reflects the internal incision. Figure 5. The musculomucosal flaps are elevated to just underneath the vermilion border. Note the preservation of the cutaneous nerve on the right side of the flap. Figure 6. At the base of the V-Y advancement, the sutures are placed 2.
  2. This approach is a variation of a repair described by Jin et al, 3 who described using 2 opposing V-Y advancement flaps to repair defects of the lip. This repair has provided excellent cosmetic results for a small series of our patients, preserving the oral aperture and maintaining the important aesthetic location of the vermilion border
  3. 6 months post extended dual plane lip lift . 4 months post lip lift, right medialized corner lift, left wrap around corner lift . V-Y mucosal advancement (scarless lip enhancement) *to protect the anonymity of our patients, full face pictures available during consultation. 5th Avenue Plastic Surgery
  4. The cupid's bow of your lip can be reshaped to be curvier. A specific geometric pattern is made often reflecting four surgical categories: direct lip lift (DLL), indirect lip lift (ILL), corner of the mouth lift (CML) and the V-Y lip advancement (VYLA)
  5. Quantitative Analysis Of Lip Appearance After V Y Augmentation Archives Plastic Surgery Plastic surgery case study extreme upper and lower lip advancements with mouth corner lifts explore permanent lower lip advancement san go ca lip augmentation options and what is best for you blog aesthetic body plastic surgery case study lip advancement.

A V-Y advancement flap is elevated recruiting skin from the midportion of the lip between the philtral ridges. The length of the columella is augmented by advancement of the flap upward into the base of the columella (Fig. 9-7). The secondary donor defect is approximated by advancement of the remaining lip skin together in the midline The procedure was carried out as per the standard technique of V-Y Advancement Flap combined with severing of the suspensory ligament described by Osama Shaeer b. After the deep layer of the suspensory ligament was resected, the resulting gap between the base of the penis and the symphysis pubis was interposed with a silicone sheath [Figure 1] c Who does the V-Y lip advancement procedure. Question: Hello, I am interested in getting the V-Y lip advancement procedure done but am having a very hard time finding any surgeon who does this procedure. The only two seem to be in Beverly Hills and New York and I live in Austin, Texas. I curious as to why this procedure seems to be so rare, as. Lip lift or V-Y advancement are two other excellent procedures, technically they involve various incisions in and around the lips. It is permanent and a new lip border is outlined. Lip tissue is advanced to another position, increases height and allows for a larger lip. AdvantaTM implant is the top synthetic choice OR Snapshots - Subnasal Lip Lift with Lateral Vermilion Advancements. The long upper lip is seen as a sign of aging or facial disproportion. It is rarely perceived that a long upper lip is a flattering facial feature. Some people have a naturally longer lip, as judged by the distance between the nose and the cupid's bow region of the lip.

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  1. He's pioneered and refined several procedures, including lip lifts, subnasal or bullhorn lip lift, direct lip lift, corner of the lip lift, live-fill augmentation of the lips, extended corner of the lip lift, and V-Y lip advancement
  2. ence of the vermilion coloring of the lips removing skin and other tissues as needed
  3. Recently, Yano et al. 4 reported a method for reconstruction of a long horizontal defect after resection of a malignant tumor of the lower lip, consisting of reconstruction of the white lip with a V-Y advancement flap and vermilion with a tongue. 4 A wide defect extending along 1/2 or more of the vermilion is a good indication for a tongue flap.

Bilateral tissue expander advancement flap was used to achieve scarless skin on both sides. Each side of the flap met closely in the middle. In this way, the upper lip scar was resected above the orbicularis oris muscle. The lip was repaired by means of 2-side cheek flap in the shape of a rectangle. The secondary repair was planned 1 year later Cleft lip Cleft palate Veau classification system Stark classification Kernahan Classification Rule of 10's Millard rotational-advancement flap Delaire technique Tennison-Randall Whistle lip deformity Modified von Langenbeck Bardach two-flap technique Furlow Z-plasty V-Y pushback Velopharyngeal incompetence Velopharyngeal insufficiency (VPI) Superiorly based pharyngeal flap Sphincter. The simple V-Y advancement flap may serve to lengthen the columella if adequate columellar width and upper lip tissue are present, as depicted in the 1st image below. Similar to the V-Y flap, an anteriorly pedicled rectangular flap may be elevated to provide greater length, as depicted in the 2nd image below

Vermilion Reconstruction • advancement of a musculovermilion flap, raised deep to the labial artery • for defects of lower lip up to 1/3 (maybe 1/2) of lip 32. Vermilion Reconstruction • A V-Y advancement flap of muscle and mucosa can restore volume in a notch deformit The Buffalo | Gull Wing Lip Lift is another permanent lip augmentation option can be considered for lip augmentation whenever the distance from the upper lip and bottom of the nose is larger than the colored part of the eye. (Read more about Dr. Philip Young's Theory on Facial Beauty).. One of the tell tale signs of aging is the lengthening of the upper lip • Z-plasty, W-plasty, V-Y-plasty • Rotation flap • Random island flap • Advancement flap Adjacent Tissue Transfer 35 • Advancement flap performed with a primary defect from excision of 1.0 cm X 1.0 cm and secondary defect for flap design of 2.0 cm X 1.0 cm. -1.0 sq cm + 2.0 sq cm = 3.0 sq cm • Rotation flap performed with. Stephanie is a very pleasant thirty-three years old female who initially visited our office for an orthodontic evaluation in July of 2001. Please let this letter serve as an appeal to denial of insurance coverage for the recommended surgery. Clinically, Stephanie currently presents with a Class II division I subdivision left malocclusion in the. Two advancement flaps are combined to form the H plasty. There are several other well-described flap techniques, including the bipedicle advancement flap and the V-Y advancement flap. In each of these techniques, the coverage depends on stretching the skin over the defect

G Clinic. 7th Floor, Emerald Tower, 122 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06039. 4.7 from 29 verified reviews. He is very patient and friendly JJLO, Germany, 08 03 18. I send an email through some online agency and G Clinic replied to my e-mail the very next day A systematic review regarding non-filling procedures for lip augmentation classified lip lift techniques in four surgical categories: the direct lip lift (DLL), indirect lip lift (ILL), corner of the mouth lift (CML), and the V-Y lip advancement (VYLA). [8] Lip lift: the pre-operative aspect (left), and the post-operative aspect of the. One type of surgical lip augmentation utilizes what is known as the V-Y Advancement Technique. By advancing the V and allowing it to take the shape of a Y, the vermillion (red part of the lip) is rolled outward to produce more vermillion show and the appearance of added volume A bipedicle flap can be used to add substance to the upper lip in a patient with a full lower lip, and viceversa (Fig. 6.7a, b). The pedicle is divided about 3 weeks after the initial transfer. Fig. 6.3 V-Y advancement for adding median fullness to a thin upper lip. Fig. 6.4 Widening the upper lip on one side This approach is a variation of a repair described by Jin et al, 3 who described using 2 opposing V-Y advancement flaps to repair defects of the lip. This repair has provided excellent cosmetic results for a small series of our patients, preserving the oral aperture and maintaining the important aesthetic location of the vermilion border

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  1. (A) Medial defect of the lower lip causing unsightly retraction. (B) Correction by lateral advancement flaps and V-Y plasty. (C) A patient with a gunshot wound defect of the chin, lower lip, and labiomental fold. (D) View of the patient after treatment of maxillomandibular fractures, iliac bone grafting, advancement flaps, V-Y, and Z-plasties
  2. V-y advancement. This flap is where a V-shaped incision is made, with a further incision extending from the point of the V. The cuts are made, and the V-shaped area of skin is advanced into the straight incision. There is a range of more complex flaps used to correct severe defects (e.g. cleft lip repair)..
  3. V-Y columellar advancement (lengthening of short columellar skin, performed by advancing skin from the central lip on to the columella with a V-shaped end and closing the lip, resulting in a Y configuration) is undertaken concurrently in complete bilateral cleft lip and palate and isolated bilateral cleft lip where primary techniques (e.g.
  4. V-Y advancement flap. 5% (146/2695) 3. Thenar flap. 6% (154/2695) 4. Moberg flap. 4% (106/2695) 5. Cross-finger flap. 77% (2069/2695) L 2 B Select Answer to see Preferred Response. SUBMIT RESPONSE 5 Review Tested Concept Review Full Topic (OBQ04.65.

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The V-Y advancement flap is an excellent option for treating surgical lip defects as it recruits tissues of very similar texture, thickness, color, and even photodamage, 2,4 also maintaining the pattern of facial cosmetic subunits The V to Y advancement flap offers an excellent option for reconstructing defects of the lobule and adjacent structures of the external ear. We demonstrate its utility for small defects of the earlobe including those extending to the antitragal and conchal bowl regions. To our knowledge use of this technique for earlobe reconstruction has not been reported In young patients, even small circular facial defects after the excision of benign skin tumors present a reconstructive challenge. The usefulness of a V-Y advancement flap for reconstructing such defects is well documented. We refined this technique as a mini V-Y advancement flap consisting of two subcutaneous pedicles that vascularize the skin island via subdermal plexus lateral bridges Horizontally Opposed V-Y Advancement Flaps for Surgical Reconstruction of Central Upper Lip Defects. Zeitouni NC, Ang JM, Weyer CW, Krunic AL. J Craniofac Surg, 28(2):578-579, 01 Mar 2017 Cited by: 0 articles | PMID: 2802718 A common finding with the bilat­eral cleft lip nose is underprojection and a short columella. Using a V-Y advancement technique incision allows the surgeon to ex-pose and augment the nasal tip structures while lengthening the columella'' (Fig. 8). Dis­crepancies of the alar base or the nostril sill correspond to asymmetric nostril shape

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lip/palate. Direct anthropometry showed a reduction of the nasal length by 1.3 mm while the nasal tip protrusion increased by 1.1 mm. The nasofrontal angle decreased by 9.8° and the upper lip moved forward by 4.15 mm, reflecting the advancement in the maxilla. The height of the cutaneous upper lip increased by 0.4 mm direct transposition, V-Y advancement, or island flap with good aesthetic and functional outcomes (Figure 1).29,30 There is limited literature regarding the effects on anima-tion. However, it may be beneficial in avoiding microsto-mia, as regional tissue is transferred from the cheek area, maintaining upper lip length. Additionally, the locatio o For random island flaps, V-Y subcutaneous flaps, advancement flaps, and other flaps from adjacent areas without clearly defined anatomically named axial vessels, see 14000-14302. Search for: Medical Billing Update. CPT 97597, 97598 Removal of devitalized tissue from wound care There is no noticeable asymmetry of the melolabial creases. - Outcomes following V-Y advancement flap reconstruction of large upper lip defects. Figure 1. Comparison of 2 similar defects closed with slightly different techniques. A, Patient A (74 years old) with 2 2-cm defect closed after removing the rest of the right lip subunit This study aims to evaluate efficacy of V-Y closure of upper lip incision on facial esthetics in comparison to simple continuous closure after Le Fort I advancement and superior repositioning of maxilla. Thirty-four patients were divided in two groups i.e. V-Y closure group (group I = 17 patients) and simple continuous closure group (group II = 17 patients)

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Today's standard lip lift techniques include subnasal resection (indirect) and vermilion advancement (direct), both of which leave a continuous cicatrix. Besides reducing visible scarring, the ideal lip lift should restore dental show, increase visible vermilion, enhance pout, and inhibit scar migration to yield lasting results Plast Reconstr Surg. 1993; 92 395-403. 14 Fisher Gh, Geronemus R G, Bernstein L. Defect involving both the cutaneous and the vermilion lip. Dermatol Surg. 2006; 32 287-289. 15 Spira M, Stal S. V-Y advancement of a subcutaneous pedicle in vermilion lip reconstruction. Plast Reconstr Surg. 1983; 72 562-564 -As incision continues, lip opens and rotates down bringing the cupid's bow level. Leaves a gap at the top of the lip, beneath nose. *Fill with tissue/patch! *Tissue taken from lateral portion of the lip (advancement

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It means that in 1mm of maxillary advancement the upper lip can advance between 0.3mm to 0.96mm. If we think about that in short surgical movements, it's almost nothing, but in big advancements like 10mm, the difference is almost 7mm. Alar-cinch and V-Y suture tend to turn the ratio between hard and soft tissue closer to. Adjunctive procedures, such as closure of the soft tissue using V-Y advancement, have been found useful to control shortening of the upper lip after maxillary surgery but are not completely effective in controlling upper lip thinning. The buccal fat pad (BFP) is a structure surrounded by a thin fascial capsule located within the masticatory space B. It is based with a V-Y advancement flaps C. Both palatal flaps are retro-positioned D. Palate bone is occasionally exposed bilaterally E. There is an increase in the length of the palate 1507) Which of the following rhinoplasty incisions is related to an incision at the caudal end of the lower lateral cartilage? A. Hemi-transfixio A Prospective Study on the Effect of Modified Alar Cinch Sutures and V-Y Closure Versus Simple Closing Sutures on Nasolabial Changes After Le Fort I Intrusion and Advancement Osteotomies Marvick S.M. Muradin MD, DMD , Karlien Seubring MD , Paul J.W. Stoelinga MD, DMD, PhD , Andries vd Bilt PhD , Ronald Koole MD, DMD, PhD and Antoine J.W.P. Rosenberg MD, DMD, PhD Journal of Oral and.

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If there is a larger defect, however, a physician may have to create a flap from tissue more distant from the surgical site (from the wrist, for example) to get a large enough piece of skin. Rarely, a 'free flap,' is needed, which involves sewing blood vessels back together to reestablish blood flow, Dr. Antell explains the V-Y advancement technique (Fig. 6b). Case 2 A25-year-old manhada severewhistlingdeformi-ty as shownin Figure 7a. Hewasborn with bilateral cleft lip and palate; the clefts were complete on the left andincompleteonthe right. Initial lip repair was a Veau two-stage operation. The prolabium was so broad that wide vermilio This retrospective study on cephalometric head films assessed the sagittal soft-issue changes in relation to the underlying hard tissue changes resulting from maxillary surgical correction in 26 Class III cases. Thirteen patients received additional mandibular surgery. The radiographs were taken immediately before surgery and from 3 to 16 months after surgery. Twenty-six cephalometric. Janis Chapter 24. Cleft Lip. Cutaneous incisions are made through rotation and advancement flaps with No. 15c, 15, or 67 Beaver knife blade. Mucosal incisions are made with No. 11 blade in submucosal plane. C flap, or columellar flap, is triangle of skin beginning interiorly at high point of Cupid's bow The patient had excellent orbicularis muscle (lip muscle) function and was able to purse his lips without any difficulty. BEFORE AFTER. Patient of Mr Vasu Karri: Nasal reconstruction with a V-Y advancement flap. Excision of a basal cell carcinoma (BCC) from the nasal sidewall and reconstruction with V-Y advancement flap. The skin cancer was.

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advancement flap: [ flap ] 1. a mass of tissue for grafting , usually including skin, only partially removed from one part of the body so that it retains its own blood supply during transfer to another site. 2. an uncontrolled movement. advancement flap sliding flap . axial pattern flap a myocutaneous flap containing an artery in its long. Lip Implants present a more invasive but permanent form oflip augmentation. Here, implants are surgically inserted into the lips. Though this approach is a bit more demanding than filler injections, lip implants provide more durable, usually lifetime results, i.e. the augmented state oflips isretained formany years The most commonly utilized repairs of the lip are the Millard rotation-advancement technique for unilateral cleft lip and the Mulliken technique for bilateral. Palatoplasty for cleft palate associated with cleft lip and for cleft palate alone is performed later, at 9-15 months of age. Veau-Wardill-Kilner V-Y Pushback. This technique. Golden State Dermatology is a leading and comprehensive dermatology group with 21 locations and 55+ providers. Our services include dermatology, cosmetics, Mohs surgery for skin cancer, pathology, and plastic surgery Reconstruction of nasal defects must preserve the integrity of complex facial functions and expressions, as well as facial symmetry and a pleasing aesthetic outcome. The reconstructive modality of choice will depend largely on the location, size, and depth of the surgical defect. Individualized therapy is the best course, and numerous flaps have been designed to provide coverage of a variety.

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Melolabial Island Advancement Flaps. The melolabial V-Y subcutaneous tissue pedicle island advancement flap is an option for repair of medial cheek skin defects at or below the level of the nasal alae. 7 The flap is particularly well suited for skin defects located immediately adjacent to the alae ().A triangle-shaped skin island is designed with the base of the triangle formed by the inferior. Below is a list of common and eponymous plastic surgery flaps with their classification and common usage. (NB - the terms interpolation flap and pedicle flap can be used interchangeably.

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